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    This is me on my 2008 KTM 200 XC in April 2010.  It's a ROCKET.    
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    Rank the IEM's you've heard

    Based on my perception of overall sound quality: Westone UM3X > Westone 3 > Sleek SA6 > Klipsch Custom-2 > Altec Lansing iM716 > Etymotic ER6i > Maximo iM-490 > JVC Marshmallows > Shure SE310 > v-moda Vibe Based on my personal listening preferences: Westone 3 > Westone UM3X > Sleek SA6...
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    Westone UM3X Thread

    Well, I took the plunge and ordered The Shadow to go with my UM3X on Monday. It's now Thursday, and the amp has finally arrived! First impressions are very positive! The most noticeable improvement is that The Shadow increases the depth and impact of the bass without adding any bloat; my main...
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    Maximo im-490's for $17.99 shipped on woot!

    I grabbed these during the Woot sale just for kicks. They're actually pretty impressive at $17, and if anybody wants a budget set of canalphones with strong bass and decent mids, you'll probably be pretty satisfied. However, these do seem to be extremely picky about proper fit and insertion...
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    First portable rig.

    Yet another advocate of spending the money on better IEMs. A good set of IEMs unamped will still sound far better than a mediocre set of IEMs with a cheap amp, and there's always the option of saving up some cash for a decent amp in the future. The one exception to this rule just might be...
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    Which eartip to use with Westone UM3X?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rip N' Burn Shure black olive foam tips should fit the UM3X. They are more durable than Comply. I've tried the Shure black olives on the UM3X, and the tube is ever so slightly too small on the UM3X for these to stay snug (yes, the tips were brand new...
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    DAC for Little Dot I+ ?

    I was in your basic position a few weeks ago. I was trying to decide between the Fubar II and the KECES DA-151 Mk2 for my LDI+. In the end I went with the KECES, but it was an awful close race for a while. From what I understand, the Fubar II is a great DAC that doesn't break the bank...
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    Mastodon! \m/

    Quote: Originally Posted by Henmyr I did not have your strength, so I have heard it already Well, I wasn't at all set on getting it, and had almost given up, but after hearing it, well, it should be here today I really really like it. I agree with you that it's still Mastodon, but...
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    Mastodon! \m/

    Edit: I'm retracting my comments. Sometimes best to keep things to yourself.
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    Mastodon! \m/

    My pre-ordered Crack the Skye showed up at my door today (it doesn't officially release until tomorrow), and I'm listening to it for the first time right now. No doubt about it, this album is definitely a Mastodon album. For the most part, the riffing actually doesn't sound like that much of...
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    Kramer-mod... KSC75...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Brighten Very nice. Are you sure you didn't switch the price tags? Maaaaaaybe... I did not, but I suppose I can't rule out the possibility that somebody else might have. Besides, he had to scan it with the laser scanner, which most likely would...
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    Recommend me some phones for my birthday!

    I'm jumping on the DT770 bandwagon. These are some of the comfiest cans I've ever worn, and short of repeatedly running them over with a motor vehicle, I'd say they're pretty much indestructible. They've also got a really fun sound, with a thumping bass and bright, sparkly highs. I very much...
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    The 'Bose...WHY!?' thread

    This thread needs more CatDuck.
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    Kramer-mod... KSC75...

    I found a pair of KSC75 at RadioShack yesterday for $5.47. I laughed, and I immediately snagged them from the hook. I don't think they knew what they had! I have to admit, I was awful impressed. This is the best $5.47 I've ever spent on audio equipment! I have to do this mod to them...