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    LH Labs Geek Out v2+ Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know if the Geek Out V2+ can work with a dead battery when plugged in the USB port of a computer?
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    Recording quality?

    Quote:   I feel your pain, Californication and Death Magnetic? BUt more seriously, for records you are asked to master (and not re-master), how often do you have wonder if the guy who mixed had an idea of sound quality?
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    Recording quality?

    Quote:   Have you ever gotten mixes/recordings that were so bad that you went "no amount of mastering can save that, re-record and redo the mix please!".
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    Anedio D2 DAC release

    That's strange, if you feel that you need to push past 60 with classical, it's obvious that classical at 60 is still less loud than pop at 40. Besides, how do you think an amp is going to solve your volume issues? By getting the headphone to play louder, that's how. Incidentally, that can also...
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    Old music recording remaster process ?

    We are talking of two different things, you are considering the technology from the pov of the record collector and I'm considering it in a general pov.
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    Old music recording remaster process ?

    Compared to the master tape, vinyl is a very degraded source.
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    What does 24/96 mean?

    Quote:   Another example of sampling rate and bit depth.   - Screen resolution is a 2 dimensional sampling rate, horizontal and vertical, the point is that once you get past the "Apple Retina" resolution (~300 dpi), there's no visible progress any more. It's the same for audio. Peer...
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    LFF's MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK (02-19-2006)

    Quote:   Yeah, that's good, you did contribute a lot to the community.
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    12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music

    Quote:   My guess is that superstars are only possible in certain environments, I don't think it's a matter of talent, but of the general public prizing itself to have individual tastes, of originality being celebrated. The ease of access of more music than ever is also playing a role...
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    12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music

    Quote:   That doesn't really change my point, we aren't in the era of super stars any more, for example, Florence + the Machine is talented, will she sell as much as the Rolling Stones? I think not. Any album list is not only related to how talented the artists are, it's more a rating...
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    Brief Odac impressions

    Quote:   Yoyodyne Consulting is actually the source of the ODAC boards, the rest are resellers who also integrate the boards into appropriate casings.
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    12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music

    Quote:   IMHO, that's more indicative of bias than anything else. there are at least 2 very important factors to consider.   - Perhaps most of the people interviewed had live their early adulthood during that period.   - That period is also characteristic for producing super stars.
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    Is it better...

    High level signal with low gain => less noise, less chance of damaging your monitors if there's suddenly an extra loud sound (if the protections don't kick in)
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    Testing audiophile claims and myths

    Not at all, I have on very rare occasions seen dragonfruits in France, but I've never seen sugar-apples, I presume it's the same in the Netherlands. If you have Asian markets newr where you live, that's usually where you can find really exotic fruits, like durians ( :D ) for example.