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    epic songs

    I can't believe no one has mentioned:   Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms   Or for something a little lighter:   The Decemberists - The Mariner's Revenge Song   The Decemberists have several tracks I believe qualify as "epic", especially on The Crane Wife.
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    What would you name your band?

    I thought of this one a few days ago:   Attack Ships on Fire off the Shoulder of Orion   Our fans will know us as ASFSO or probably just Attack Ships. Clearly we will play some fairly nerdy Indie Alt-Folk rock (whatever that means).
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    Your ideal quick and easy breakfast of choice

    Instant Oatmeal, 1 Banana, Orange Juice, Large mug of my coffee of the month. Currently, Starbuck's Sumatra.
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    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    I tried Rogue's American Amber Ale and Blue Point's Spring Fling Ale tonight. Both were quite drinkable and enjoyable, but I believe that I am officially done with American ales. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the common denominator between most American ales is a musty flavor that I...
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    Post pics of your builds....

    Random blurry cell phone shots of the mess that is my senior design project (work in progress). Behold the mysterious black box...
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    Bicycle Question but not Bicycle-Fi

    In the final sprint of last year's Tour de France, Mark Cavendish supposedly hit around 75 kph after a good lead in. That's over 46 mph and on a flat road. He's one of the fastest guys on the planet for those sprints. You can go way faster on a downhill.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Landis Not like there has ever been any bad advice given here, hmm? I don't know what you're talking about, I give bad advice all the time.
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    What is YOUR Myers-Briggs personality?

    INTP here, according to the online test. I have no reason to doubt it though as the description and characteristics seem frighteningly accurate...
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    Help choose a photographer!

    Fellow headfiers, although I never made a formal announcement, I'm not that narcissistic and you all don't know me that well, the fiance and I are planning a wedding. We are torn on the issue of a photographer and I was hoping to enlist your collective opinions. We are torn between two...
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    Audio T-Shirts

    Believe it or not, Target often has audio related t-shirts that can be pretty cool. I've bought a few of them. And they are usually between 10 and 15 dollars.
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    Lady GaGa

    While I do feel that she is part of what's wrong with today's music industry, and most of me wants to hate her... She is talented isn't she? I mean, she appears to be creating a new pop sound that's unique and identifiable. Not to mention her horrible horrible songs are ridiculously catchy and...
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    What video game have you beaten the most times?

    Chrono Trigger Easily over 100 times. Every ending many times over for no reason. Loved that game. Second would probably be Final Fantasy VI followed closely by Final Fantasy VII
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    Post A Song With The Word Headphone In The Lyrics

    The National - Friend of Mine I got two sets of headphones, I miss you like hell Won't you come here and stay with me Why don't you come here and stay with me
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    Anyone walk through a major blizzard?

    I went to school on lake Ontario in Oswego so you pretty much described day to day life from November to April. It's an experience.
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    some really bad SMD soldering (example)

    I would say it was most definitely not intentional judging from the workmanship on the rest of the board. Also, I can't think of a real reason why you would do that and no I don't think the placement is symmetrical.