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    Hagerman Audio Labs "Tuba"

    All tubes glow at different brightnesses. It's a matter of how much excess filament gets exposed outside of cathode sleeve. Tubes are built by hand. Take a closer inspection and you will find plenty of differences. Some brands are known to be brighter than others. In the TUBA amplifier...
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    Hagerman Audio Labs "Tuba"

    Tubes are oriented 180 degrees apart in rotation, in order to optimize internal mirrored symmetry. If you view from another angle the result may change... As far as gain - that is entirely dependent upon source components - some DACs are louder than others.
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    Hagerman Audio Labs "Tuba"

    Hmmm. Does it do the same with LO output? "Hollow" is an indication one channel is out of phase...
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    Hagerman Audio Labs "Tuba"

    I don't make any money selling kits! No can pay rent. The kits (when available) have mostly been used for advertising purposes; getting the word out, generating some buzz. I'm doing it again in the guitar pedal world...
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    Hagerman Audio Labs "Tuba"

    Yes, headphones can stay plugged in. There are no pops or thumps during power up/down.
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    I bought my first tube amp! The smsl T2...

    You may want to try replacing the tube with a jumper. Might improve sonics.
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    Hagerman Audio Labs "Tuba"

    I have not tried LCD-3 yet. Sundara work well, but do not get very loud. Grados go super loud (ear-splitting) as do HD600. Very loud would be DT990. According to LCD-3 specifications, they should work nicely with plenty of headroom. jh
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    Hagerman Audio Labs "Tuba"

    The chassis is actually aluminum, not steel. I never use steel in audio, due to eddy currents and "smear" it can add if too close to a coil. The aluminum lets me put things where I want them, is a better conductor, and doesn't rust if paint gets chipped. Built to last, as they say. Hopefully...
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    SET tube amps?

    Hagerman Audio Labs TUBA, $649.
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    Auris Euterpe - US Tour Kick Off & Ongoing Impressions

    Having the chassis double as a headphone stand is absolutely brilliant. Wish I had thought of it! Perfect example of what Steve Jobs was talking about when he said: "People don't know what they want until you show it to them..." jh
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    HAFLER HA75 Tube Headphone Amplifier

    There is nothing wrong with using a wall-wart (except psychologically). It's the same circuit and function, just moved to a different location. In fact, keeping switching transients (whether 120Hz or 120kHz) far away from the rest of the analog chain is actually a good idea. It's also an easy...
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    Planar headphones with 'v shaped' sound signature?

    Yes, the HD600 are a little more punchy, in somewhat of an overstated audiophile way. Sundara have a more natural presentation; less technicolor, more reality.
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    foobar2000 and asio

    Quote: cant get asio to show up You need to add the ASIO4ALL wrapper. jh
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    Firestone Audio Fubar II USB DAC impressions

    Quote: Software is foobar2000 using WaveOut. I've never been able to get plug and play USB DACs (like this one or MicroDAC) to play in kernel streaming and ASIO isn't supported here I found a way to make this work. At least my USB dac is now working with ASIO in Foobar2000. Unless I...
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