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    FS Audioengine D1 dac/amp

    Shot ya a PM.
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    AKG-7xx, Yamaha DSP-A1

    I've been having a problem with getting a good seal around my head, so I'll definitely give the angled earpads a try. What's a good amp+dac combo for this setup for under $350 or so? Or should I just sell the 7XX and pick up 600/650's? Is the DSP-A1 good to run anything at all? Or should I just...
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    Are these Beats By Dre Studios Real or Fake?

    You can't tell very much from the packaging, but for starters, where did you get it?
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    looking for a G0-Vibe Vulcan+

    A quick search of Google gave me this: Not sure if it's the same or not.
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    Amp for Sennheiser HD 448

    Would I also need a DAC, or no?   Quote:  
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    Reply to review by 'icxlegion' on item 'Sennheiser HD448 Around the Ear Headphones'

    Would a Fiio E5 make the lows better?
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