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    Review by 'HyperDuckling' on item 'Audiophile Products Fubar IV Plus - Silver USB DAC / Headphone Amplifier'

    I purchased this a couple of months back with a "Firestone Supplier" which is basically just a power supply, so I dont get what the fuss is about... something with clean power... whatever... I got it for free so why the heck not? :) This is part of Firestones "Cute" series, so this amp/dac combo...
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    Review by 'HyperDuckling' on item 'Sennheiser MOMENTUM'

    Ok so, this was my first ever "hi-fi" headphone, and my first thoughts were "Why haven't I cared about audio before now?" I was literally blown away, coming from the cheap "gaming" headsets (Gamecom 780, Corsair 1400 etc.) these just sounded so much more clear and "clean". The bass reaches down...
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    Soundcard to AMP/DAC any difference?

    Ok, Thank you so much! But I'm wondering is it worth spending 60$ extra just to get the virtual surround? Is positional audio any better than with without?
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    Soundcard to AMP/DAC any difference?

    Hi Head-fi :)   So recently (with help from you beatiful guys!) I purchased my AKG K612 and a Firestone Fubar IV (used) and I must say that I really like the sound coming out of that combo! though I was wondering: Would purchasing an internal soundcard make any difference? Because i'd really...
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    Headphones for gaming/music

    Yeah, I think I'll give it a try!   Might just get something like a SB-Z and then I'll always be ableto upgrade in the future! :)   
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    Headphones for gaming/music

    Vil jeg gøre! :) tråden er hermed også postet derinde.   Hmmm, it looks good! Though I think that i'm pretty much set on the Fiio amp... unless you have some persuasion skills :)   I've looked up the k701 mod and it seems like it actually increases the bass quite a lot, might actually...
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    Headphones for gaming/music

    that's one hell of a lot of assumptions :D   1) I don't currently own any AMP/DAC, but planning on buying the E9I, as it seems like the best bang for the buck 2) my absolute max budget would be 350$, but everything is quite a lot more expensive here in Denmark, add about 30%! for reference...
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    Review by 'HyperDuckling' on item 'Lepai LP-2020A+'

    Just bought this amp (actually bought two, because of the pricetag!) and at first, when i powered it on, i was a little worried, as it wouldn't light up in the front, but i just left it their lying on my floor, and when i came back to my room it worked... *easy problemsolving* :)   This little...
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