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    NaS on Letterman

    her name is chrisette michele, they sang, can't forget about you.
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    UT vs OSU....who stands where?

    Last year the only reason why Texas won was because of Vince Young(who is an absolute manchild). This year he's gone and OSU has the capabable QB. Ans come on... are you seriously going to jusge Colt McCoy on a game against North Texas... where it was just the DBs missing tackles? ...Looks at...
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    Question for all who watch HDTV

    Personally I have a Rear-projection HD tv (with no HDMI because my family was an early adopter), with the time warner cable set-top box. And in the early daysI did notice a lot of distortion when it comes to movement. But fairly recently the picture on almost all of the channels is great...
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    Should I Buy (and Play) World of Warcraft?

    I'm basically just going to be saying what many other people have said.... don't play it!!! I have a couple of freinds that play it and that is basically all they do, even when they aren't playing it they are talking about it. Both of them have 2 lvl 60s and all they do is raid and get new...
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    Free Grado competition.

    are you including the playoffs into the goal count, because that could make a diffrence...maybe
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    V is for Vendetta

    Ok first off its V FOR Vendetta. I read the graphic novel a year or so back and it was amazing. Alan Moore is a really great writer and he is often heralded as someone who has "validated" the comic book scene, because he brought actual thought and intellect to comic books. This story...
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    songs that describe a dull, systematic way of life?

    Dave Matthews Band - Ants Marching
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    Counter-strike server for Head-Fiers?

    I'll try to be there at 8. BTW I voted for Source and east coast.
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    The Goblet of Fire

    I was wondering whether or not they were going to continue to create the movies? Also do you think the director will stay the same because hasn't the director changed for every movie?
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    The Goblet of Fire

    I haven't read any of the books, but I thought this was probably the best Harry Potter movie. It really did feel rushed throughout the movie. There were times were I actually wanted them to stop the action. (possible Spoils) I would like to say that for some reason there was like only a few...
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    Mr. Miyagi/Arnold/Pat Morita passes

    HOLY CRAP, I loved Mr. Miyagi! He will shurly be missed. RIP
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    Any chile-heads out there (people that like stuff REALLY spicy)?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jlo mein I'm a wimp at hot sauce haha...this is what i use: It's not that hot, but it has a really great flavour. I think every asian household has it, as well as every Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant. I pour it on like ketchup... Nothing like...
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    I haven't read the entire thread but i would like to say OMG Yes! to this... Quote: Originally Posted by Shizelbs Its not a windows issue, its a user issue. and also you don't get as much gaming on a MAC.
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    posting off my psp

    hey i too am posting with my psp. seems Like Loading pages is a LittLe slow. but tis needs akeyboard/=0