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    How much are the Singlepower ES-1 and HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Asr Eh I kinda doubt that. I'm a solid-state fan all the way through and an update of the KGSS would likely offer exactly what I like. From the page on the current KGSS: If the new one continues with that goal then sign me up right now...
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    why does everyone quit dynamic headphone to go for Stax system?

    Quote: Originally Posted by J-Pak I listen to mostly rock, jazz and blues and switched to stats. I couldn't be happier. Building a system around the higher end models requires money, time and patience since there are fewer amps available and the good ones that are, usually custom jobs...
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    Montréal March 16th Official Meet Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by nightfire Thanks Yeah the silver one is based on Nelson Pass's F1 design, but with a reduced bias current just to save on electricity costs. It's got a couple extras like DC offset protection, soft start and mute delay, but otherwise very close to his...
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    The Stax thread (New)

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    Mark sold me his Omega 2 and KGSS: great transaction all around.
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    Steven acted as the intermediary for a sale between me and another Head-Fi member. He was great and took care of everything. The transaction was smooth, so please do not hesitate to do business with him.
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    April Music Stello DA100/HP100

    Quote: Originally Posted by JMCIII Stello has redone the DA100. I saw the updated version at CES. Slight price increase but far better parts. Still a steal for the price. Matched with the headphone amp it would make one sweet setup. Thinking along those very lines myself actually for my...
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    Tube vs. SS Electrostatic amps

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Oh, I thought the KGSS use a transformer as well. But now I know better. Yeah, if you read Kevin Gilmore's principles of design, one of them is that there should not be transformers in the signal path.
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    Tube vs. SS Electrostatic amps

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Thats what I have understand as well. That with a tube amplifier the tubes provide the voltage swing needed to drive the electrostatic panel. While a solid state amplifier need a massive transformer to convert the current to high voltage. Which...
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    No one has heard the HeadAmp AE-2 at its full potential - no one!

    I'm going to offer a contrary opinion on this. When I still had my AE-2, I hooked it up to my Esoteric DV-60 through the RCA jacks. Yes, the sound did improve quite a bit, but fundamentally the AE-2 was not capable of the same level of transparency and scalability as home amps with more...
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    Tube vs. SS Electrostatic amps

    Tubes are voltage sources; transistors are current sources. So if you want maximum voltage swing, tube is the way to go. And since electrostats need voltage, tubes are more common among the high-end e-stat amps. Although this is not always the case, since the SS SRM-727 has more voltage swing...
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    New Esoteric P-05/D-05

    There are some legitimate reasons to convert DSD to PCM, one of which is experience, because PCM has been around for a long time and engineers have learned a lot of tricks manipulating it than DSD. Second, DSD has higher distortion numbers on high frequencies, but this is debatable: some say...
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    No NFL playoffs thread?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kugino there aren't a lot of 4th and 11 plays in the nfl. wasn't his fault, IMO. if you watched the whole game, you'll see stupid penalties by the cowboys, crucial dropped passes by fasano and crayton, and a bad 2nd half game plan by garrett. romo was...
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    No NFL playoffs thread?

    Tony Romo chokes on the last play of the game? Geez where I have seen this before?