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    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Hello,   I just rebuilt my unfinished MSSH that was on its shelf for too long, but I can't get it to work... I've powered it up but there happened to be sparkles at the power jack... Do you have any idea of the problem? I'm wonderg of its not a problem with the power jack itself since I...
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    Mouser Part n°163-4025

    Hello,   I'm looking for a nice person who is about to take an order at Mouser to take for me the part 163-4025, and send it to me in France. I forgot to buy it for a previous order, and now Mouser only wants to ship it to me with  a ridiculous FedEx for 20€, and I haven't any thing to buy...
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    WTB: Mapletree Audio Design MAD Ear or Ear+

    Hello,   I'm looking for a Mapletree Audio Design Ear or Ear + (Ear + preferred). I finally managed to get the money to afford it, plus a DAC! I will spend up to $350 incl. shippng to France (for a like new Ear +), and of course less is better, as I'm a student. I would prefer a 240V...
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    Good spkr pairing for a Marantz 2230?

    Hello!   You should probably take a look at the old JBL Speakers. I own a Marantz 2220BL which fits perfectly with my 1970's JBL L26 speakers, bass and mids are great, and highs are good too with rock music, a real pleasure. They might be a bit too big for your needs, but they're a real...
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    iBasso DB1 vs. DACMagic vs. other balanced DAC <$300

    Hi, and thanks for your answer!   I completely missed this DAC! It looks very interesting, the reviews are nice! But sadly I couldn't find any comparison with the DB1, so if someone could compare the two, I'm interested in this too!   Thanks,   ANtoine
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    iBasso DB1 vs. DACMagic vs. other balanced DAC <$300

    Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for the readers of my topic! I'm getting the Pure i20, and I would llike to buy a balanced DAC, in order to get a balanced system with the iBasso PB1 I already have. My HP are Grado HF2 and AKG K340, and I'm mainly listening to Rock Music. I'm of course...
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    In the quest of closed headphones for rock music!

    The AKG K241 MkII looks great, thanks for your help! Any other suggestions?   Thansks,   Antoine
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    [FOUND] Scunci hair elastics for AKG K340 headband fix

    Hello,   I'm exactly in the same need, I can't find this Scunci brand if France, so if someone can buy a pair locally, and send them to me, I would really appreciate. About the color, I don't care, black would be the best, but It's secondary. I'll pay with Paypal. For the shipping, I'll take...
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    Hi!   I'm the friend of Steph who let him listen to my Grado SR80i. We both definitely love it, and I finally bought a pair of HF2's, that I enjoy more than ever. The problem is the really desappointing foreign policy of Grado. Maybe I'm too young, and can't understand the benefits of...
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    HM601 Vs Cowon X5 (w/ Grado HF2, AKG K340, iBasso PB1 Toucan)

    Noone to help me? My two questions are, only considering SQ and nothing else: - Is the HM601 a real improvement over the Cowon X5, using Toucan with balanced HF2/K340 - Will the HM601 be better than  computer+Boomslang (i guess it wont, I saw a review somewhere.) I think the HM601 hasn't any...
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    HM601 Vs Cowon X5 (w/ Grado HF2, AKG K340, iBasso PB1 Toucan)

    Hello!   First, please apologize for my poor English, don't hesitate to make me clarify any point that remains dark. Also, I'm sorry to bother you with one of this multiple threads of comparison with fresh DAP that have only been heard by a few.   Well, I'm a college student, so I...
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    Portable Amp for HF2 ($200 or less: PB1 balanced, D4, T3, Mini^3, other?)

    Hello,   Thanks for your answer!   Is there a huge difference between D10 and D4? What is the better amp, between D10, D4 and T3 (only the amp, part, I'm not considering DAC)   I'm only going to use the PB1 without the Boomslang, is it still worth the price? I'm still wondering...
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    Portable Amp for HF2 ($200 or less: PB1 balanced, D4, T3, Mini^3, other?)

    If i go with The toucan, i will also rewire the heaphones, im okay with that. Hiflight, you have all the iBasso amps im looking at, How does The pb1 with balanced headphones compare tp The other ones (only considering sq of The amp part, nothing else) Thanks! Antoine
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    Portable Amp for HF2 ($200 or less: PB1 balanced, D4, T3, Mini^3, other?)

    Thanks! This toucan seems really interesting! How would it compare to the D10 or a desktop amp at the same price, paired with hf2? Thanks
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    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Thanks ArtemF for your help, that should help me figure out what the problem is!   Antoine