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    Improving computer for optimal sound

    Did you try setting thread priority to "high" on both your playback software and the drivers themselves.
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    A natural sounding DAC. Does it even exist?

    The iPhone SE sounds pretty good
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    The "non-Grado" Driver Grado Thread

    Ok so I was just a bit dissatisfied with it, because the screw on adaptor left some dirty marks, but I used contact cleaner on it afterwards plus cleaned the plug, should always check the contacts on these brand-X stuff. I guess it's more of a asking "are you confident with" it :k701smile: I...
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    The "non-Grado" Driver Grado Thread

    You forgot to mention the 3.5mm plug from ebay xD I have the same one on my DT's.. Do you find that plug good sounding? I think it slightly altered sq of the dt780.
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    The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

    I didn't look up all the photos yet. Anyone fitted DT1350 or similar earpads on these, I just find them a little large with the stock pads.
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    Superlux HD381 Series - Mini Review & Comparisons

    I bought the 381F thinking it would mean "flat" model. It read on the package "front row" which in other words is "sound in your face". The midrange and hi-freq speak is pronounced on this model. basic model sounded scooped, but more hifi in comparison. , if you boost the treble peak even...
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    HD 600: Should I upgrade amp/dac or add a different set of headphones?

    I would try O2 amp, then a cheap dac will do.
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    Speaker amps for headphones   Would that be vintage enough? I'm curious how that sounds.
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    Do computers with built in displays sound worse even with an external DAC?

    When my audio drivers crashed, I could hear the fan of my laptop spinning through the firewire interface. (sounded like someone mic'd up the internals of the laptop.) Also some people think that digital audio receivers have sound differences.   I would imagine most macs to be noise free.
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    Windows 10 has better sound quality than Windows 7! (On my computer; not necessarily yours.)

    I think Windows 10 mixer is improved, makes for a better DJ lol. When playing many sources on W10 at same time it sounds better.   edit: windows 7 audio improved dramatically after installing updates. I guess that is considered "security update".
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    FiiO New Portable Headphone Amp A1 --Classic & Tiny & Metal

    Why does Fiio A1 sound alot better when plugged in usb power? Im using battery 5v power, and there is still some noise present from powering it this way. High frequencies sound cleaner & thick and sound image has more depth. Amplifier sounds unstable and a bit weak on battery power only.
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    Superlux HD381 Series - Mini Review & Comparisons

    I have at hand 381, 381F, 668B and DT770 for reference.. May post a review soon as I get home with my better sources.
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    Review by 'Headzone' on item 'FiiO A1 Micro Headphone Amplifier'

    If I was using this with consumer headphones, I would just rate it 5 stars. It has a nice design, good battery life, quality aluminium enclosure, comes with several cables, power button 3 stage-eq, three different clips to attach it to your clothes, volume control and lastly it boosts your...