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    Tin Hifi P1 impressions

    When A/B comparing USB versus LDAC, I can't tell a difference. However, when connected through USB from my Samsung Note 10+, the frequency response is worse than if I use bluetooth. I've never really like the sound signature of Samsung phones and here is no different. My PC doesn't have LDAC...
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    The Official Echobox Explorer Thread

    I can't get my Explorer to connect to wifi with a password. It finds the connection, but it won't authenticate. If I turn off the security, it works fine. I've tried WEP and WPA, but no go.
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    Echobox Audio Explorer impressions and discussion thread

    You'll just have to upgrade to the RS-1e's, then.
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    Echobox Audio Explorer impressions and discussion thread

    I've listened to the Echobox Explorer with my Grado GH1/G and the Finders. They both seem to have decent synergy. I'm pleasantly surprised by the sound right out of the box, but that's a low bar. As long as a piece of gear doesn't actively sound bad and is able to bring out new aspects to the...
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    Astell&Kern AK380

    I've been having charging issues with my AK380. I've had it plugged in for a couple days and it's only at 50%. I tried using the dock plugged into a USB3 on my computer overnight, but the battery level was lower.
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    ALO Pan Am desktop/portable headphone amp/DAC: Impressions and Reviews

    I haven't seen any PanAm stuff on in a while.   I've only ever used the PanAm with the Passport, so I don't see any reason you should have to worry too much about it. I did, however, snag a second Passport the last time it went on sale, though.
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    Is a DAC necessary?

    There's no hard and fast rules about how much you should spend on this versus that. Later on, you can worry more about synergies and how well your particular gear matches. For now, an amp with enough power to run your chosen headphone to a loud enough volume should be sufficient.   I've always...
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    Astell&Kern AK380

      I've had the 380 for a several months already or I probably would have done the same as you.   I did recently pick up the amp, though, and the differences aren't night and day there either. It improves separation and bass for sure and there's a little more happening with vocals in the mids...
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    Astell&Kern AK380

      What kind of differences can you hear?
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    JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

    The wire end of the tool is too wide to fit in the two smaller bores. A combination of pinching the bent end and twisting allowed it to squeeze into the bore.   I've also use a small syringe with a long, narrow end to suck debris out of the holes.
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    Need help identifying grado headphones!

    Those appear to be the HP1000's.   Drop that link in the following thread and everyone there will be happy to tell you more about your headphones.
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    The Audeze LCD-2 Ortho thread (New)

    You're not mathmagician, though.   If you divided an LCD-3 by 2, you'd have an LCD-1.5.
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    Head-fi Austin - January 23 2016

    How many have signed up? Nametags would be useful (with real name + Head-Fi handle), especially if there are a bunch of us attending.    Placards at everyone's tables would be helpful, too, so we know whose gear is who's and can more easily track them down.
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    Astell&Kern AK380

        So YOU'RE the one that bought them all. I checked earlier today and they are out of stock.   I suppose I should take one, since I was about ready to do so earlier. I hope this case doesn't cause it to get too hot.
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    Head-fi Austin - January 23 2016

    I'm going to join in from Houston. It's been a couple years since my last meet up and I have loads of new gear I can bring (and since it's mostly transportable, I won't need much space).   I don't how much stuff I'll bring, but it will be some of the following:   Headphones LCD-2.2...