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    Post pics of your builds....

    My nearly finished Dynahi. Still need to build and stain wood side panels and create a top vent. Maybe even get a bigger knob, but otherwise its finished
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    Recommendations for Next Amp Build - Solid State

    I second the Dynahi suggestion. It might hurt your wallet, but your ears will thank you for it
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    Using DIN connectors for power supplies

    Just wanted to add. If you can spare a few extra bucks for the connectors, I recommend the locking din's from CUI. Digikey part #'s receptacle CP-1233-ND connector CP-1033-ND I've used them on several builds mainly for aesthetics and some security.
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    STEPS not quite fitting in my Hammond!

    I've also had a similar problem. However, slight bending of the case will help the STEP ease into its new home. By doing so, it also helps the top cover slide in easily as well!
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    Where can I find really cool looking switches (and knobs)?

    A look at the Big list of links at the top of the page will help alot. Good hunting...
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    Millett Hybrid + Tread Problem

    If your temperature is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then that sounds just about right based on the transformer specs and output voltage. Maybe it should turn out a bit higher depending on your heatsinking option.
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    Stores in NYC sell HD600 cables?

    Hey guys, anyone know if stores in NYC sell HD600 cables for pickup?
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    Millett Hybrid + Tread Problem

    Quote: Originally Posted by Fiola I recently completed my Millett hybrid using tread as psu. When plugged in alone, the tread seems fine, measures all good, and LM317 is warm but not hot at all. plug the tread into MH, the lm317 gets really hot, i measured using a probe to be around 100...
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    Looking for At Home $150-$200 Headphones Need Help

    Ditto with the grado recommendation. If you can part with the extra dough, go with the SR325's or MS2's. You won't regret it.
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    Another "Starting the DIY journey" thread.

    Don't forget the all helpful desoldering pump.
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    Cheap and easy DIY headphone stand?

    A rather simple DIY headphone stand would be a clone stand similar to the one that K701's comes with. I haven't made one yet for myself but I presume all you need is a bit of metal or wood as the exterior of the base and a bit of cutout foam for your headphones holder. I really like the way...
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    Cmoy makes sound worse

    Quote: Originally Posted by ilikepie Today i bulit my first cmoy. It works but the sound is worse then if its plugged directly to my computer. I checked for solder bridges and im sure there arent any. Could this be becuase im using cheap headphones with low impedience? Im not gonna get...
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    Gilmore Lite good for these cans?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Solude Lets put it this way. The Senn 650/AKG 701 put out 105dB@1V or about 90dB@250mV. Now since 90dB is hearing damage and sources put out 2V why would anyone need more than unity gain? Answer, if their source put out a weak output or the source material is...
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    Gilmore Lite good for these cans?

    Quote: Originally Posted by justin w. There's no need to run anything over unity gain (1x) for the E3C or similar phones. Your right about having unity gain. Actually e3c's don't benefit much from amps in general. In response to Solude, as for high impedance amps with unity gain...
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    Was just in Toronto ... went to the headphone no-no place

    I love there decor. Makes buying audio related stuff like buying dinner plates at Pier 1.