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    Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon Owners Impressions

    Yes the liquid carbon is warm...take a ess 9018 chip...she is very detailled so very good with the liquid carbon...I have a stoner accoustics end game dac with my lc...its a good combination for me...sorry for my bad english
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    Final audio design sonorous VI

    Sorry,i m just come back to my holidays..yes its still for sale
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    Like new audio-Gd master 11

    Ok I understand...
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    Like new audio-Gd master 11

    Trade with stoner acoustics egd + cavalli liquid carbon+2 cables 3 pin xlr forza audio works to connect on balanced mode the dac and the amp is possible?120h condition
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    Audio-GD Master-11 balanced R2R DAC/amp

    Ok thanks for the answer
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    Audio-GD Master-11 balanced R2R DAC/amp

    You don't want to ship to europe? (France)
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    I m interest...shipping to france is possible?
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    Trading my Audeze EL-8, Fostex TH-X00, Senn HD650

    what year is the audez'e el-8?your have the 2016 drivers? I want to trade my final audio design sonorous VI
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    (AUS) Audeze Sine headphones - price drop

    A trade with a sonorous vi is possible?
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    Alo SXC 24 made for final audio design/2,5 mm trrs

    I sold my cable alo sxc 24 made for my final audio design 2.5 mm trrs like astell & kern and onkyo dpx1 plug...all connector are gold plated... I have buy this cable the 21/4/2016 on It is on mint condition,lile new in his bag...
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    [AUS] Schiit Mjolnir *PRICE DROP x3*

    Stoner acoustics egd & cavalli liquid carbon mint condition...130h max
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    Cavalli liquid carbon & Stoner accoustics egd

    I sell my combo Cavalli liquid carbon and my dac Stoner acoustics end game in excellent condition , just honed ( max 130h ) the combination of the DAC and this amp is fantastic and able to drive most Planar headphone... original package... I live in France and I take care of the sending in...