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    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    I've owned my N6 PRO for a few weeks now and I was happy until yesterday. That's when my hand inadvertently brushed against my right ear and the N6 PRO performed an unplanned mechanical drop test onto my asphalt driveway. The right-side unit was dead; as in no audio, no response to buttons, and...
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    Rank the IEM's you've heard

    NUARL N6 Pro > TOZO T5 > MPOW Flame I own the first 2 and the MPOW Flame died.
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    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    My $20 MPOW Flames finally died and I decided to get something serious. I got the TOZO T5 as a temporary stop-gap until I decided what I wanted. The T5 has some bass, but it's peaked at the high end. For $35, it's worth keeping as a backup. This is for daily use while walking / jogging, so I...
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    "Mad Dog" by MrSpeakers, modified Fostex T50RP review

    I'm up and running with the modi/magni. Wow.   My ears immediately went to full attention, extracting every nuance that I expect from an audiophile system. You really, really need an amp with these headphones. The magni is set to just under 1/2 max volume. Testing the upper end of the...
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    I'm buying 5.1 Surround Headphones - Any Suggestions?

    I'm upgrading my gaming PC now. Definitely going for the X-Fi, but may upgrade to the Fatal1ty / 64 MB X-Ram card for future support of EAX 5.0. In addition to all of the extra voices, textures, environments, etc. supported in EAX 5.0, the extra RAM will be used for processing uncompressed...
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    More thoughts on the Tube Research Labs modded Sony SCD-CE595

    Can you clarify your opinion? Are you saying that the mod was such a good improvement that you don't need to go further? I'm very happy with my SCD-CE595, but I don't have any reference on how much better a mod will be. Right now, I'm building a headphone amp (PPAv2 in the DIY forum), since...
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    Recommend some electronics books to a beginner!

    You should utilize the device manufacturer's application notes. You'll find a wealth of information from basic theory to real-life applications. Caveat: Application notes are always written under the guise as "education" but are really marketing pitches to sell products. It's up to you to...
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    TI Portable Power Design Seminar

    Can you please post the URL? I don't see it anywhere here.
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    using sony ce595 with headphones

    No headphone jack, sorry. You need an amp. However, you can put it in 2ch SACD output mode.
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    Why "opamps", instead of "audio" chips ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tangent It's that very lowest segment of the EM spectrum, the part that's supposedly the easiest to amplify... Don't forget an important parameter: bandwidth. A flat amplitude / phase response from 20 Hz to 20 KHz is 3 decades (8 octaves). Not an easy...
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    Which player for CD & SACD?

    Ditto on the SONY CE-595 for sub-$200 range.
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    PPA v2 construction discussion

    Thanks, I'll experiment. It's a tough call to fine-tune, so I'll just get it roughed in. Too light a capacitance moves the corner frequency up into mid-range. Too much resistance increases both gain (shelf) and group delay to a few mS on the low end. Time to pick values (0.1 uF / ~50K pot)...
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    Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) - a lost topic?

    I practice the black art of RF engineering, where mastery of the dark side is the key to success. In this world, ESD is part of basic training. I'm in the parts selection phase of building a PPAv2 (ordering is next) and noticed that the topic of ESD was not (seriously) discussed anywhere in...