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    Audio-GD Compass-USB (type b) port problem!!

    Okay, so it works now with it mostly in.... but seems kinda silly for it to not 'snap' in. Is there a shorter type b usb male plug out there?
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    Audio-GD Compass-USB (type b) port problem!!

    Im really starting to freak out!! I tried jiggling and everything!! EKKKK!!!
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Code Geass is the last anime series I saw.   It was amazing!!! Highly Recommended!!
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    Audio-GD Compass-USB (type b) port problem!!

    I just got home from a LAN, hooked up my cpu and i was hooking up my compass.... when I went to plug in the USB type b plug into the back of the compass it wont go in!! I gave it a nice push and still wont go in!!! I took the top off of the compass, held the port from the inside and tried to...
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    grado L and R blocks losing friction?

    I had the same thing!
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    I bought sarathcpt's Audio-GD Compass. The Compass came just as described and is working perfectly!! sarathcpt was very patience and kind about the issues I had with paypal credit card transfer. He even sent out the Compass and scanned the receipt before I sent payment because he didn't...
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    Earbuds/IEMs for under 100$

    ^ Looking for some advice, I wanna buy em so I can get them before xmas.
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    Tubes making interferance/noise

    oh I know skylab I learned about em through HeadphoneAddict, he bought them from you from what he said =p I put about 50 hours on em and out of the blue the fuzz started, is it likely it will go away if I use em a bit?
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    Earbuds/IEMs for under 100$

    Quote: Originally Posted by mark2410 those are all quite bass light was that intentional? Nope, those are just the ones that ive looked at reviews for. I enjoy a bit of bass. I should also mention, I mostly listen to rock/alternative/acoustic guitar/drums. Do you have any...
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    Earbuds/IEMs for under 100$

    I am looking for a Earbud/IEM for on the go and in my two drawing classes I have next semester. One of the drawing classes is with a friend so part of the time I may only have one earphone in because it's a relaxed classroom and were allowed to talk during it. I will be using it with my Zune...
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    Tubes making interferance/noise

    I have a HiFiman EF2 and tonight I was noticing a pretty loud white noise even when I wasn't listening to anything. I made sure the connections were good for the USB and headphones, that still didn't fix it. I decided to change the tubes. I have 5 Raytheon 6AK5's I bought off ebay, so I swapped...
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    My Gear, Lets see your gear as well.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh x2
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    Stereo Receiver

    Because i'm not looking for a integrated amp. I've also decided I don't need/want/won't use that feature. Besides, i'm working on a limited budget.