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    Chicago area Headphone Meet - January 28th 2017 "ChiUniFi"

    I've decided not to bring my B22.   Gungnir/Doodlebug Neurochrome HP-1 modded HD600 and modded K7XX   Also, Tom Christensen of Neurochrome Audio has made the demo HP-1 in my possession available for sale at a discounted price.
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    Chicago area Headphone Meet - January 28th 2017 "ChiUniFi"

    Looks like I'll have a Neurochrome HP-1 amplifier to bring as well.
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    Minneapolis Meet 9/20/14

    I'll be stopping by for a bit before hammering the Surly beer fest.
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    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    the chassis of a typical hIGH eND component is a significant portion the total manufacturing cost.  as someone who has taken a peek inside of a Gungnir, i'm impressed that they could design such an attractive, yet cost effective chassis.  it's simple, elegant, and even novel in my experience...
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    Susy Dynahi Builders

      i'm not particularly fond of building any amp that requires a large two chassis design without charging more than i'm comfortable with.  i much prefer building single chassis designs.  no doubt, it's a great sounding amp.
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    Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone Impressions Thread

    i thought the PM-1 was pretty unremarkable on first listen.  it took me a day or so without switching back and forth between my other HPs to appreciate it's presentation.  it has a beguiling quality in the way it presents the music that i find hard to put into words.  from a "hi-fi" perspective...
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    Minneapolis Meet @ The Needle Doctor Saturday June 7th

      that would be great!     no problem.   i'm not sure what i want to bring.  my table can only hold so much.  i was only going to bring the Gungnir and CK2III, but if the HE6 are going to be there, i'm deciding between the F5 and B22 in addition.  the F5 is a beast of a 2 chassis build...
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    Minneapolis Meet @ The Needle Doctor Saturday June 7th

    count me in.  i have my own table.  i'm not sure what i'm bringing yet.
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    Joseph Grado Signature Product "HP2i" upgraded HP 1000 headphone; information journal and comparative review (on hiatus :/)

    i work with the geriatric population on a daily basis as a registered nurse.  i'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having, but i haven't meet a single 90 year old that didn't have at least some form of mild dementia.  the paranoia you're quoting here suggest possibly worse.  for all...
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    HD800 vs LCD-X vs HE-6 vs SR-007 for critical listening and monitoring purposes?

    as long as you're not interested in listening to music, the HD800 are fine.
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    Doodlebug - USB Isolator

    the Schiit guys told me the Gungnir operates at high speed 480mbsp vs 12mbps.  they also played around with the ADuM chip at one point.  the Doodlebug works with JRMC 18 and no upsampling into the Gungnir, but input dropped after 45min or so with no music playing.  i will play around with it a...
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    Doodlebug - USB Isolator

    i dusted off my y2 and found that the USB is a bit flaky sans Doodlebug - one of my first SMD builds from years ago.  i'm ordering a new PCM2707, but no guarantees this will be the fix.  i'm borrowing an ODAC that should be here by Fri and i will be able to report back with impressions this...
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    The Beta 22 Thread

    beautiful milosz!  the maple on natural metal looks great.  kudos on the wiring and layout.  no wonder it's quiet.  the GP is my fav for attenuation in the B22 these days.
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    Any meets in the Wisconsin Area? (Milwaukee, Madison, Fox Valley, Chicago)

    i can bring whatever. i have cablin fever and am looking for an excuse to go to The Great Dane and the Essen Haus. maybe nab a steak at Cafe Continental.