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    HiBy R6 2020 User Impressions

    Will be getting mine tomorrow, so excited! I would like to make a custom USB C to coax female adapter. Anyone have the wiring diagram for the Type C?
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    Suggestions for a Basshead?

    Search for thread title "bass" in this forum. The same topic has been discussed TONS in the past 1 month. Don't worry you'll get many choices!  
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    Top Tier Showdown (Top Pick Announced)

    Come on people make mistakes and TS has already admit it and apologize for it. Is there anything else to clarify? There is no need to keep repeating/spend pages over pages/rubbing salt into others wound. Let's move on please.   Personally I still feel that this has been a good informative...
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    MTPG @ 230 or MTMD @ 250

    Yup the MD is currently at a very good price, go for it! Copper has been around 216 for few weeks. Previously I think I saw MD for 300+
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    Recommendations for quality, bright treble without sibilance for around $100

    I thought original Xcape (v1) no longer available? If that's the case you won't go wrong with RE0.
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    [REVIEW] Future Sonics Atrio M5 with MG7 transducer

    I've been waiting for this review ;) Now that I remember, I think I've tried this at Jaben when I bought my DDM last month. Not sure whether I heard correctly, still sounds a bit "dark" as compared to DDM imho. What do you think?
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    New JVC Dual Diaphragm IEMs! HA-FXT90

    Nobody have this? Interested to read an impression from fellow head-fiers :)
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    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Hi ljokerl, how do you compare sound signature between DBA02 and GR07 (one being BA and another dynamic)? I assume (from your previous post in the last few pages) you consider DBA02 to be more exciting? Why is it so?   Have you reviewed TF10 in the past? I'm curious about your feedback on...
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    Bassy IEM reccomendations

    Radius DDM, Future Sonics Atrio MG5, Fischer Audio Eterna
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    Most bass under/around *$150*

    You should have more options if you can stretch your budget to $150. Denon AH-C710 has quite a crazy bass (very impactful imho). Below $100 maybe Klipsch S4? ECCI PR401 is also not bad (although the bass not as 'big' as S4, overall is more balanced).
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    Confusion about Ultimate Ears 10 Pro *please help*

    Ah I see thanks for clarifying, makes more sense now :D
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    Fiio E7 Vs TCG T-Box Vs IbassoD2+

    You'd probably want to wait for Fiio E11 (less than $100). Sent from my HTC Desire HD using Tapatalk
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    Confusion about Ultimate Ears 10 Pro *please help*

    Quote: This don't seem to be answered yet, I'm also curious to know.   In Amazon the "pro" version is more expensive (what's the difference???).    
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    E11, a new start of FiiO's portable amp ( added some real photo )

    Quote: Good to know this, I'll try to contact Jaben. E11 just looks so promising :D    
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    E11, a new start of FiiO's portable amp ( added some real photo )

    Jaben stock will take quite a while to come I guess (the last time I went there they only carry E3).