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    Closed Back Headphones Advice

    see if you can demo a Yamaha Pro 400 or Amperior.
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    Best Headphones for Rock/Metal but also versatile?

    The Memphis has that modern production sound, it's gonna be tough to make that sound good. I've written extensively on a lot of closed headphones if you search for my old posts. I would also recommend you search for an article called Sansa clip measured and get one of those. Cost is about...
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    More portable equivalent of AKG Q701?

    I think you'll need something with a similar size to get something like that. Try the K550 or Yamaha 400 or 500 if you can demo them.
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    Student looking for some over the ear headphones built for anything

    Try an Amperior, Yamaha Pro 400, and AKG 550. Before you consider buying all sorts of expensive stuff that largely doesn't have verified performance, I would recommend trying stuff that's not too much money that has verified measurements. Like a Sansa clip for portable and an Odac for the computer. 
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    Recommendations for Closed, Over-the-Ear Cans for Rock/Metal

    It's tough to say how things are gonna work without knowing the measurements of the source. The output impedance could be anything. Metal is tough to get right a lot of the time because of poor decisions made in the recording studio. Are you using 1st press, non-remastered cds? A lot of these...
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    Need a 250$ headphones instad of my ATH M50

    I've got an HD25. I think it's good but not as interesting as the Amperior. Ultimately I've listened to and bought a lot of the best closed headphones and vastly prefer the Yamaha pro 400 over all of em. If you search it, I've written a lot of detailed opinions on the different phones I've...
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    V-Moda M100 vs Yamaha Pro 500

    also consider the Yamaha 400, which I think is much better than the 500. I've written extensively about it on here
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    How does the V-Moda Crossfade M-100's compare to the Yamaha Pro 500 Premium's?

    depending on your source, the Yamaha 400 might be more to your liking than the 500. Wish I'd heard the m-100
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    Yamaha PRO Headphones.

    the E11 has a few problems related like clipping and distortion. I recommend searching for the full review. People are getting different impressions of the bassiness due to source differences I'm guessing. 
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    New to head-fi

    did you ever read the Sansa clip+ measured review the O2 designer wrote?    At this point, you've got enough stuff to where it may just be fun to try different phones and see if there's any you want. That's what I do. I'm about done spending hundreds or thousands on sources and amps. O2 does...
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    300$ Headphone for Symphonic Metal and other electro guitar / vocal things...

    I tried some Audio technica stuff. There was one with real small cups that I hated with my tablet. Forget the model number. I think the A900x is the one I tried at best buy a few times. It was pretty good. I wasn;t able to plug it directly into my Sansa clip and I have no idea what kind of...
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    Need help over the ear headphone for rock music listening

    I do want to try the custom pro and various DT770s at some point.
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    Confused Which Headphone To Get

    Never had a problem getting a seal with the K550. If anything, it creates a vaccum type effect on my ears. I wear glasses too. Not sure about the hinges, these things seem very durable. I made some comments about a broken Yamaha 500 in the Yamaha thread. It was actually more comfortable. Tried...
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    Looking for help with full size HP for Clip+ (100$ - 200$)

    my favorite is my Yamaha pro 400 and that will work well for your music from the clip. Price fluctuates a lot on amazon, brand new from $159-$300. I liked the Senn hd280 at best buy and intend to buy it. Amperior is also a good one. 
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    new guy here, i need some advice for some headphones

    try Yamaha pro 400 or Sennheiser Amperior. Will do what you want and get loud without an amp.