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    AD700 Pressure on my jaw

    I had a similar problem when I got mine, And I actually wear them lower now than I used to, try pulling them down a bit so the top of your ears just barely touch the top of the pad My Sennheiser HD-280's give me some serious aggrivation when I wear them for too long.. They're really tight on...
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    Headphones Broke'd!

    Yeah.. One of my relatives is an audiophile who does a lot of work on equipment and said they'd be really a pain to recable.. =( Don't feel like spending $85 for a new pair. I need to be more careful with this stuff Thanks a lot
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    Headphones Broke'd!

    Hey everyone - Haven't posted in ages, been pretty content with the lower-budget system I have working, picked up a StyleAudio Emerald DAC from Whiplash Audio and love it. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD-280's and they have recently broken! They were in a bag in the back of my car and kind...
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    It's time to go, share your music~ (Ie. YOUR music)

    Oh, and you said you liked Jazz, and Scofield is Jazz, so there you go. Other good Jazz (and Jazz-inspired / Funk / Jazz-like) bands: Garage A Trois Charlie Hunter Trio Charlie Hunter Quartet Dixie Dregs (AKA The Dregs) Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Stanton Moore
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    It's time to go, share your music~ (Ie. YOUR music)

    John Scofield's Albums: Still Warm, What We Do, Solar, Uberjam, Electric Outlet It's amazing stuff. There's a billion more songs and artists that I'm into, but this is what's currently flowing through my headphones, so that's what I'm listing.
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    Quick Review of ATH-AD700's

    AD700's: ==(---)== K701's: (-------) ..That's my picture.. The ='s are like, a horizontal extension of the sound stage that isn't as deep, kind of lemon shaped really. So for the sound stage, picture a Lemon vs. an Orange
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    Quick Review of ATH-AD700's

    My source is assorted music from an iPod Touch, lossless encoder. My amp is a Starving Student MiniMillett from Whiplash Audio (-Awesome- Amp, especially for the price!) I'm going to put on some Radiohead now, see how that sounds with them. As far as the depth, hmm.. Well, I don't...
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    Quick Review of ATH-AD700's

    First thing I'm going to say about these things is that they're most definitely pink! I love it though, it's got a little style, a little sass. Next thing I'm going to say is that off the bat, as soon as I listened to them, they sounded a heck of a lot muddier than the AKG-K701's I had been...
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    A comparison between AD700 / AD900 / AD1000 / AD2000

    Great post. My favorite part was the picture really, haha. I didn't like the way the AD700's looked when I ordered them, but I figured I'd deal with it, but now they look pretty sweet. They're huge! I'll post back when my AD700's come[back]. (I ordered from Electronics Expo.. yeah..)
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    Very brief impressions of all the headphones you've heard

    Great Thread! This is so helpful and fun to read! I haven't listened to as many headphones as you all have, and I don't have quite trained ears yet, but I have listened to some pricier ones! Sennheiser HD-280's = Good isolation, no need for amp, very small soundstage and sounds a little...
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    192 kbs and 320 kbs, is there really a difference?

    Well, Ham Sandwich, if you can hear a difference in one part of a song, then you can hear a difference in the song. If you can hear preecho on a cymbal crash, then you're listening to two "different" sounds from the same song. What happens when you take a classical track that has 40 cymbal...
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    iPod 5G vs. iPod Tough 1G

    Are these two iPods going to deliver the same sound if I use the same cable out of both? The issue is lossless music taking up tons of space and my iPod Touch = 16GB, vs. 60GB on the 5G. Thanks!
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    And they say that crack is addictive

    I am trying to resist this too. I just bought a headphone amp and a pair of AD700's. I think I'm done with things for a while.
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    Received A700 in error (instead of AD700)

    Yeah - I called them about 15 more times and someone finally answered. He was slightly helpful, but was a little bit unnerved. I told him that I ordered something and got something else and he said "Let me guess, you ordered a pair of headphones and got the wrong ones" - So apparantly it's a...
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    Homemade Headphones?

    Yeah - You guys are undertaking projects that are infinitely beyond my capacity / willing-ness right now. I'm still just learning and getting the hang of electricity, trying to get my hand on a couple of books about it to learn more. I think I'm going to go the route of disassembling...