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    Is it just me or are Green Day songs mixed in a really interesting way?

    I was listening to Green Day and I noticed it was quite a bit quieter than some of the other rock bands I listen to. I think it's less of a volume thing and more of a loudness thing. I know mastering protocols have changed a lot over the years, and the loudness you aim for depends on the media...
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    Sennheiser HD 569 and breaking in.

    If I had to guess I would say it is a combination of things. I can't speak from experience as I don't own a pair myself but from the frequency response graphs I've seen online there seems to be a drop off in the treble in the HD 569s. However, they could need to be "broken in" although I've read...
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    Is there any thing to avoid when it comes to headphone stands?

    I'm looking to get one of those wooden headphones stands that's vaguely head-shaped to display my headphones when I'm not using them, however before I buy one I wanted to make sure there's nothing I should avoid. My concerns are that it could permanently dent a softer ear pad, stretch a...
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    Will a fiio K5 power HD 6XX?

    I meant to say K5 pro, I just overlooked the "pro" part, sorry for the confusion and thanks for catching that! I'll edit the original post!
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    Will a fiio K5 power HD 6XX?

    I would love to get a nicer amp but currently I just don’t have the money for something outside of the ~$150 USD range and I want a pair of HD 6XX for sure, I’ve been wanting a pair of Sennheiser’s for a while and they seem like a great entry. I use the 2i2 as an interface for my mic and any...
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    What is your opinion on the sound quality of Amazon Music HD,Ultra HD?

    I haven't had a ton of experience with it but from what I’ve heard it sounds good, there site claims it’s lossless and the bitrate is surprisingly high, they have a lot of songs in CD quality or better. Personally I would recommend Apple Music, I really like it, but it’s really bad for browsing...
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    Will a fiio K5 power HD 6XX?

    I’m looking to buy a pair of Sennheiser x Massdrop HD 6XX and I want to find an DAC/amp to run them through, I’m looking at the fiio K5 pro but as someone with limited knowledge about powering high impedance headphones I want to make sure it’s the right thing. The 6XX are 300 ohms, and I want...
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    Where can I listen to original masters of old albums?

    I have not, I will look into that, thanks!