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    looking for durable iem's

    For your music tastes I would go with the se215, great dynamic sound for the price, replaceable cables and they are built like tanks.  I enjoy them for bassier music.
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    Advice on IEM's

    I would second the SE215 as a great IEM for your needs, I am going to pick up a pair for my wife very soon as well.  They do most things very well, are comfortable and the cable is like a tank,
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    my new favorite during working hours WCPE onboard>KSC-75
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    [ASK] Best Dap And Sound Sig For Shure Se215

    You should probably post in the Portable Source gear sub forum.
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    Meelectronics M6P or Soundmagic E30

    M6P for the win, the E30 isn't worth $15 more for your needs.
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    Help on getting new IEMs (Classical Music)

    I have not heard either one, I have read plenty about both.  From what I have read the RE0 would be better for classical however it is harder to drive, most say it benefits from an amp.  I can imagine that either of the two would be pleasing for classical, they are dynamic vs. the HF5 Balanced...
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    Help on getting new IEMs (Classical Music)

    Quote: I would stay away from the SE215 for classical, the treble is not prominent, without the details needed for classical.  The HF5 is the only Etymotic I don't own, however etymotic is always a good choice for classical especially if you are listening to chamber, soloists, some say...
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    Portable headphones or IEMs under $100?

    SE215 gets my vote as well for your preferred music taste.
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    Help on getting new IEMs (Classical Music)

    One more that I just remembered as I was listening to them, great for the office or when you need to hear the family at home.  A wonderful dynamic for classical, the Phiaton PS210. 
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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    MEElectronics Tech Collection Flash Sale at Free shipping on all flash items   Some good deals.   You need to sign in to see the deals, sign up is free.  Click the pic for the HQ readable version.  
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    ebay Find... From the Chocolate & Peanut Butter Folks... Enjoy.

    LOL from 3. What about Etymotic's New HF2 or HF3 headsets? The HF2s and HF3s are sonically identical to the ER6i, but bulkier...
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    Best headphones below 150 $

    Etymotic HF5 for sure.  Fast, balanced, no bass bloat.  UE TF10 on the for sale forums.  UE700 as well.