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    Xiaomi Mi A1 Post December 31st Oreo Update Sound Quality

    Hey Guys, Thanks for your time here. Umm..... So, I bought the Xiaomi Mi A1 to drive with my headphones, primarily the SoundMagic E80 (no microphone) and the Creative Aurvana Live. So, the E80 is really really clear sound. And that part is really important for me. The previous driver (phone) I...
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    Weird Sensation and Fatiguing while Listening to P11S

    Hello everyone,   So I was listening to a SM P11S. During some of the songs (like Cradled in Love-POTF) the sound was sounding to be incredibly stuffy. I don't know how to explain it accurately. It was like, you were breathing in polluted air by lung-fulls and couldn't breathe. It was not the...
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Hello everyone,   I am Daniel, I'm new to this forum, though not the world of music and audiophile. Compared to most here though, my gear is pretty limited, as is my pocket and my choices. Living in a country like India does not guarantee access to most of the  best instruments of the world...
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