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    New Belle & Sebastian album "Write About Love" free streaming on until Oct. 12th release

    I’m sure a lot of you will find this as exciting as I did when I first found out from a friend yesterday: Belle and Sebastian’s new album, Write About Love, due to be released Tuesday next week, is available to stream for free from up until its release.  ...
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    Berlin headfi/HIFI-FORUM meet on Sept. 11th: post your impressions and pictures here

    Thanks for the suggestion, but after the ordeal of getting up there, I don't know if I'll be so adventurous again.  But Sepinho had actually wanted to go to The Bird except that apparently it has about 2 tables.  So he wasn't able to get a reservation.  If I do make it back, I will try a burger...
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    Berlin headfi/HIFI-FORUM meet on Sept. 11th: post your impressions and pictures here

    Thanks Sepinho and m00hk00h for organizing such a successful event!  We didn't have a huge crowd, but that made it more intimate and I personally thought it was better this way.  And thanks to Matthias and Oliver of Sennheiser for coming.  If you're reading this, it was great to meet both of...
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    Joint European Head-Fi/ Meet in Berlin, Sept. 11th. It's on!

    Though I already told you, just so it's here, I'll be getting in after 5, and hopefully before 6.  I hope to be able to hit a decent Getränkemarkt on the way to pick up a wonderful Badisch surprise.  Sepinho, it's a secret, so no telling! :)
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    Joint European Head-Fi/ Meet in Berlin, Sept. 11th. It's on!

    It looks like I'll be coming -- but if there's anyone who would like to come along for the ride from Freiburg to split the gas and keep me company, that would be great!  Although I suppose most people have already made travel arrangements already.  But if you haven't, or if you were going to...
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    European meetup - post your ideas here

    Sorry, haven't read through everything but would certainly recommend Frankfurt or Düsseldorf over Berlin and Hamburg for Germany. Both are more-easily accessible (by trains, planes, and automobiles) and should be better ausgestattet for conventions, if you'll pardon my German. Also, Hamburg...
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    how many of you guys cook???

    Today, I made a delicious tomato sauce for my dinner of Matzah pizza (chag sameach, everyone!). Tomato puree with a bunch of spices -- pepper, salt, basil, oregano, thyme, paprika, cayenne pepper. But the most important ingredient is spicy Turkish ajvar. Topped with some Emmentaler cheese...
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    ER-4P vs. JH-13 Pro and ES3X

    Hi ephemere, I hope you don't mind if I bring this rather old thread back to the front. I saw that you had bought the JH13 after all, but then returned them for a refit. Since you also listen to classical music, love the ER-4S except for the comfort factor, and are not a big fan of the HD600, it...
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    How sensitive are the er4s?

    The ER-4S is the one headphone I've kept for 8 years. I can confirm that it is as insensitive as many full-size headphones whether you mean in its need for amplification or to your sensibilities regarding how well you would have liked your favorite artists to have recorded their music. On the...
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    Recommend me music: classical / orchestral

    I still don't get why such mediocre composers like Holst and Elgar always get recommended right away to someone interested in learning about "classical" music. These are second- and third-string guys. Start with the names that you do know -- and with good reason. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach. They...
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    Radiohead vs. Coldplay

    I know you didn't want any bashing, but have you ever listened to Coldplay's lyrics? They can't write them, so they just put words down to sing something along with their pleasant music. And the music still doesn't compare to Radiohead. And that's from someone who basically only listens to...
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    Online Dating

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bojamijams If anyone finds a site where intelligent, dark, gamer / metalhead / goth girls are, let me know. Seem to be rarer then diamonds, though understandable considering their value (to me) Or try It's hilarious. But I...
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    Bluetooth Mouse?

    So, I've gotten my Sony Vaio bluetooth mouse and have been using it for the last few days. It pairs up quite easily with my Vaio. It looks nice, though it's not exactly a piece of art as some yahoos on Amazon claimed. Unfortunately, it's not the most comfortable of mice. It's comfortable and...
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Thanks guys, I actually went shopping yesterday because I really really wanted to have some kind of amp for my guitar... so I got a Peavey Bandit 112. 100W for a 12" speaker... a little silly. Doesn't sound amazing, but it was 300 euros new, so I wasn't expecting much. Got to the store five...
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    I'm still looking for an amp, but I just bought my first nice electric guitar -- a Gibson 1961 SG Reissue. From the serial number, if I'm reading it right, I gather it was made in 2006. Sounded beautiful out of the Bogner in the store and my friend's Orange Drop. I'm thinking I might get a...