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    Fiio FA1 + Shanling MO

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    Wanted: Grado GS1000

    Hi, I have a pair of GS1000. I bought them new in a store in London in 2011. I’ve still got the receipt and the original box. I re-finished the cups a few years ago as they started to look a bit worn. So they look slightly different but they still sound perfect. If...
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    Sold....For Sale Fiio FA7 + Fiio 4.4 cable

    Hi Darren, My paypal is As soon as you pay I will have them on a tracked service to you. Cheers Damian
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    Hifiman Sundara Sold

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    Hifiman Sundara Sold

    Hi David, I live in South London and work in Croydon. Does that help? Damian
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    For Sale Hifiman TWS 600 Plus Unused RE600S Now Sold

    Bought these directly from Hifiman at this years Canjam in London. They came with a free pair of RE600S (songbird) I haven’t used the TWS600 much and the RE600S are unused.
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    For Sale Hifiman TWS 600 Bump Bump

    Hifiman’s first foray into the world of wireless buds...... I bought these from Hifiman at this years London Canjam and they come with the bonus RE600s songbird. Perfect condition, less than 30 minutes use. I’ll cover postage for UK.
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    Vibro Aria Now Sold

    Selling my Vibro Arias, Bought them from a Headfi’er on this forum a while back. I’ve really enjoyed them, they had an excellent ear fit for me, they just slipped into my ears and were instantly comfortable. I’ve put a Linum cable on them. They also come with what might have been the...
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    JVC HA-FX1200

    These are now sold. Thanks.
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    Aurisonics ASG-22

    These are now sold. Thank you.
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    CanJam London 2019 (July 27-28, 2019)

    Thanks for your response.......thats what I like about Headfi!
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    CanJam London 2019 (July 27-28, 2019)

    Looking forward to Canjam again........I’m hoping to have a chance to listen to the Hiby R6 Pro. Any traders likely to have one on their stall? Or maybe a member of the public who might be helpful enough to let me listen to theirs?
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    For Sale. Periodic Audio Be

    Sorry, I must have forgotten to close the ad. They’re sold. Good luck with finding a pair!
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    For Sale. Periodic Audio Be

    Bought this from the good doctor himself at this years London Canjam Sept 18. Hardly used. All tips unused and unopened. ( I like spiral dots......can’t understand why more manufacturers don’t use them? expense? I think they're simply the best....) Box and all packaging...