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    Broken SE530s - what to do????

    Hahaa sorry about the late reply, I was going through some financial difficulty at the time, and I didn't have the money to pay UM 200+ for a reshell.. My shures are actually getting reshelled right now with Rob from Inearcustom   He's a really cool guy and only...
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    Clear replacement buds for Shure SE530

    I have a set of SE530 headphones and a pair of clear buds on them that I got from my SE420s. I was wondering if anyone know where I can order more of these online. Thanks!
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    Have SE530s - Want to Upgrade

    So I've gone from the E2cs, then I got the SE530s. I want to upgrade to something better, if there is anything out there. About me: 1) Love Hip-Hop - Boomy drums and heavy brass (Think Just Blaze) 2) I am a basshead Source - EMU0404 -> Fio What do you guys have for me, what...
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    Shure Headphone Cabling Ripping

    Quote: Originally Posted by jsmithepa Actually u didn't have to explain any further. Shure cables probs are well-known. There is at least on HUGE thread here. Warranty or not, just call, tell them you have the infamous cable prob, what to do to have it repaired? If they start to ask for...
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    Shure Headphone Cabling Ripping

    I'm gonna make this as less confusing as possible: This happened to my shure E2cs and my es530s. ***For the sake of argument, read "cable" as the rubber and not the actual wiring.** So, on a day to day basis, I wear my headphones at least 2 to 4 hours. Over a period of time, the cabling...
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    Broken Sony V700

    I already have a pair of HD515's so this wouldn't be too bad for my DJ equipment. I'm not just gonna trash a nice pair of headphones. They're pretty good for what I need and I'm not like hardcore Audiofile so they're alright for my listening. I'm not gonna trash them soo... Any other...
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    Broken Sony V700

    Ok guys, so my friend gave me his Sony V700s for $5 because he broke them. I will upload a real pic when I get home but here is exactly where they broke, right where the headphone peice connects to the main headset. My question is, is there any way to fix this (superglue etc) Also, will...
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