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    FS: Sennheiser HD 650 w/XRL Balanced cable (Zu Mobius Cable)

    I am not sure if it is version 1 or version 2 of the Zu Mobius cable.
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    FS: Sennheiser HD 650 w/XRL Balanced cable (Zu Mobius Cable)

    Selling them on ebay.. Currently building a subwoofers so selling these to fund getting a Tempest-X driver and Bash AMP for home theater. Sennheiser HD 650 Professional Headphones - eBay (item 220260847442 end time Jul-30-08 15:00:00 PDT)
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    New Video Ipods are same Video Ipod besides size

    Basically the new V ipods are the same ipods as before with a better video screen. This screen has been released for awhile now, and I have it on a older 5th Ipod I recently returned to Apple for a new Ipod because of a warranty issue. The increase in video playback time is due to this and...
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    New iPod nano v. Old iPod nano photos

    Who cares about the size reduction, I wonder does it sound like the 5th Gen Ipod. I am guessing it does which will be a nice touch.
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    Microsot Zune to be released tomorrow

    Quote: Originally Posted by devin_mm It looks like we're going to have a little competition on our hands. Engadget is claiming that Microsoft is going to be releasing the Zune DAP tomorrow. I will be interested in seeing what microsoft will bring to the table. Even if there ideas...
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    Anyone else excited about the (possible) new ipod?

    Anyone who has been here for awhile have an adress that doesn't have state sales tax so I can get the ipod send there for less money? NH?
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    Shure E500 Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by jlingo Oh wow, I guess, I would be getting E500 or Triple X instead of UE10-Pro. Especially if E500 is indeed sounded better than the UE10-Pro. I'm pretty happy with Super.Fi 5 Pro exciting sound except for the comfort. Super.Fi 5 Pro, is not that comfortable...
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    E500's are in!! Wow...what a great day!

    Just to put an end to previous posting, I had made about the comparison between the Ue-10s and E500s. Now owning the E500. Having had them for about a week now, alittle under. Using them different amps, and alone, the UE-10s are noticeable better. The bass is more present in e500s and Mids and...
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    E500s review from iLounge gives A+

    Yea I did a search and missed the thread. Oh well. I don't put any stock into it but it was interesting to read.
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    E500s review from iLounge gives A+

    Sound Like the AKG K701s, the E500s deliver sound that even neutrality-obsessed audiophiles will find acceptably balanced on the high and low ends, with just enough warmth to make music sound richer and better than you last remembered hearing it. This is true even by contrast with the more...
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    Shure E500's - May or June?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Todd HI All, The first batch of Shure E500 arrived and has been shipped. I expect to have more in the next few business days. I should be caught up after next week and will be able to fill new orders the following week and maybe even sooner. Hey - I...
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    Site for Shure E500

    Quote: Originally Posted by gdg Maybe you know something I don't but Raw Phones is selling for under $400 (shipped mid August). Everyone else right now is selling for $500. How do you get that the price isn't that much lower. $100 seems significant to me. Gerry I do.. they are...
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    Shure E500's - May or June?

    Quote: Originally Posted by shuurajou *jealous* hope mine ships soon when did you order yours?
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    Shure E500's Now Shipping

    Quote: Originally Posted by Flavio T The UM2 is also more efficient but I think I'm enjoying the sound of the E500 more. I am guessing by that statement you are saying the e500 need more volume to sound as loud as the UM2s. The UE-10s need less volume to sound at the same level as...