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    IE8, Phonak, Westone 3 (confused)

    I certainly started something with this thread. Sorry to have left it so long before coming back to tell what I decided. After reading everything I could and being impressed with what Average Joe and a few others said about the IE 8 I decided to buy them. I only have about 30 hours or so on them...
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    IE8, Phonak, Westone 3 (confused)

    Thanks tstarn06 My portable is a Zen V and I might need an amp if I used the Phonak's. At home I use an Xcan v1 (with some mods). I'm floating between the IE8's and the Phonak's at the moment. The isolation would be an issue with the Phonak's perhaps but I could experiment I suppose. With the...
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    IE8, Phonak, Westone 3 (confused)

    robm321: Thanks for all you have said. Could you possibly elaborate a little on your "darker sound" comment please?
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    IE8, Phonak, Westone 3 (confused)

    Wow the speed of replies on here is quite something. Thanks guys for responding and thanks to Mors for the heads up regarding Microwarehouse. I'm getting very tempted now.
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    IE8, Phonak, Westone 3 (confused)

    Thanks bernardo, Yes it was Thanks for letting me know about the VAT issue. They do sound good value and robm321 makes a good case for them too. I've been re-reading some of Average_Joe's posts about the IE8' and comparing them to the Phonaks. It would seem that after...
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    X-Cans V1?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo The evolution went something like X-Can V1 => V2 => V3. If memory serves me right the V1 used OP-Amps while the V2/V3 use transistors. Both the V2 and V3 respond well to mods which if you do yourself the cost is less than $100. The next step is to...
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    Er4p vs Um2: my take on it (a bit long!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by etherealbeats It is actually proven that the tri-flanges offer a better frequency response though! Does anyone know where this is "proven" ?
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    ER-4Ps cracked...

    Quote: Originally Posted by archosman Can't believe it. After 3 years I found a small crack on the left driver. Read a few stories of people having the same issue and figured it wouldn't happen to me. I use them every day so now I'm going to go through the prospect/withdrawal of sending...
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    Replacing the cable of er4p/s ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Father Schu I just sent mine back to get rewired to the less microphonic braided style. Their initial cost estimate was $50 + shipping. It ended up I also had some cracked transducers so the price went up. If your face fits you can get cracked...
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    Chipped ER-4P

    Just be prepared to have to send them back more than once
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    slic sound ear gels, any good?

    I can't imagine them sounding good with any price earbud due to their construction. I tried them with mx500 and one or two other earbuds I had around at the time. You hear the sound through another piece of plastic extending the distance between you and the driver. It sounds like the music is...
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    slic sound ear gels, any good?

    yes I tried them a while back and thought they were awful.
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    Buy demo SR125 or new SR80?

    How long have they been on demo would be my first question. Then Id' say check them very carefully visually and sonically and if they are OK buy them. They are definately better than the 80's
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    ER-4p were $199 but . . .

    Quote: Originally Posted by KenW They'd be well worth the $$ if they could keep the darned tubes from cracking. One thing that turns me off immediately is the perception of "cheap" or "poor quality". Won't even get to the sound if that's an issue. Amen to that. and I agree with...
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    ER-4P Build Quality

    I am an "unlucky" person whose ER4's went wrong around 3 months after buying them from Headroom. I had to pay to have them shipped back to the USA where Etymotic repaired them free of charge and returned them to me. The shipping cost me over £50 with insurance. Around 18 months later the cable...