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    need help on headphone leakage! please!

    Quote:   Did you look at them? ;)
  4. ChriG

    Help with closed headphone recommendation.

    From the top of this forum:   ☞ STOP!  Don't start a new thread yet! "Help!", "Recommendations", "Looking for..." threads go in the new Help & Recommendations Forum not here.   ;)
  5. ChriG

    Do you warm up your headphones?

    Quote:   Never heard of warming up headphones/speakers, don´t really think that it would result in an audible difference anyway.   Sometimes I do the amp warm up with other phones than the ones I end up listening to and they sound (as far as I can hear) as they should right away.
  6. ChriG

    Rig Improvement Suggestions welcome!

    This:   "With both the HD650 and the HD800, the Crack delivers one of the cleanest sound, the blackest background, the widest and deepest soundstage I’ve heard on any amp below the $1K mark." - Headfonia...
  7. ChriG

    Do you warm up your headphones?

    Quote:   Quote:   It's not a myth, some manufacturers (Onkyo f.ex.) recommend a warm up time before you begin to listen.   Some of the components in a SS amp is designed to work optimal at thier "working teperature", it´s quite obvious that it´s a bad idea to design a amp that...
  8. ChriG

    Do you warm up your headphones?

    I havent read the whole thread, but I thought that "everyone" knew that amps need to warm up before they sound their best, some amps take longer than others to begin to sound as they should. The difference can be huge.   I´ve experienced this with all my amps, hifi-amps and headphone-amps.
  9. ChriG

    Headphones that have more 'BASS' than the Sony XB500?

    Quote:   Quote:     I´m with Oregonian here, never heard a basshead phone like the Pro 900, they are crazy :o
  10. ChriG

    Buy HD600/650 or not?

    The thing with HD600/650 is that they need a better/stonger amp to really shine.   I would suggest you look for a pair of Denon AH-D2000 or similar if you don´t have the money to invest in a serious headphone amp.
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    Head-Fi. The Community. The History. - Head-Fi TV

    Nice vid!   I'm more of a reader than a writer, but I got soo much information and fun reading from this community on an relatively short period of time. (and my buddy Trentino here at the forums) is really the reason why I went from a pair of Porta Pro driven out of the...
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    JVC HP-DX1000 Owners Unite!

    Just got hold of a pair of these wonderful phones a couple of days ago!   Never harsh, always full sound, sounds amazing with everything I throw at them :)   I don´t think my LCD 2.2 will get very much head time from now on ^^   / ChriG
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    Looking for a powerful phones amp

    Quote:   Yes, the Lyr should get the job done.   A bonus with the Lyr (and many tube amps) is that you can do some tube rolling to change the sound signature of the amp :)   / ChriG   Edit:   Link:
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