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    Etymotic Love?

    Quote:   Bingo. On the go, ER4P with my iPhone 4S is good. At home with the iPhone line out into a PPA and the ER4P, it is utterly sublime. Had this set up for years and it is so close to perfect that I just don't see a need to change.
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    where did you get your PPA and how to you like it?

    Looks like there are multiple PPA builders now. Looks like I can almost afford one. Who built yours and how do you like it? I'm happy with my META42 (Thanks again Kurt!) but want to take it up to the next level. Main and only phones are the ER4P, with S adapter for variety. Comments...
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    Connecting iPod to Car Stereo

    You might look at this The way this was done it is an either/or situation between the iPod and the CD changer, but perhaps the urls will give you pointers to dual use solutions. Personally, I'll take the ipod over the cd changer anytime.
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    iPod in the car - sweeeeeeeet!

    Quote: Originally posted by RunsWithScissors Newer models are harder to find info for. I looked quickly at installdr and could not find any info for the 2003 honda pilot - sorry. I have a '99 Accord V6 coupe so I got my info here:
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    iPod in the car - sweeeeeeeet!

    Quote: Originally posted by RunsWithScissors cost: PIE AUX-in adapter: $49.99 RCA-mini cable (Acoustic Research model AP042): $12.99 ++++++ adapter and rca-mini cables are all you need to pump sound through your car stereo so you could call it quits right here ++++++ Oh...
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    Anyone else tried slimp3?

    Quote: Originally posted by Voodoochile [B]Thanks charles! I rip at pretty high rates myself, so not too worried about that. Are the analog outs pretty decent? I notice that the audiotron does have a spdif out, which might be nice. Of course, maybe I could do some chip rolling in the...
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    Anyone else tried slimp3?

    I love it. I'm running MacOS X, so I can't comment on how this works with Linux/Windows, but for me, the system is wonderful. You install the box, it detects my DHCP server, then detects the Slimp3 server running on my desktop G4 and automatically reads my iTunes music library. I can...
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    Anyone else tried slimp3?

    I think I'm pretty jaded about gadgetry, but go look at They sell a device that talks ethernet as an input and has RCA line level outputs on the other side. Combined with their server software, this lets you use any computer in your house as a digital music server that...
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    So what limits overall sound with this setup?

    Source: D-FJ401 PCDP Phones: Ety 4P (with S converter) AMP: META42, with AD8620, double stacked 2001 buffers, portable version powered by single 9V battery. I've been contemplating a cable, something like a silver braid mini<>mini interconnect, but wonder if this is the next place to spend...
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    Good price on Sony D-FJ401 at Target

    Target is selling the D-FJ401 ($89 list) for $66 starting tomorrow. I went to get one today, but that price doesn't apply until tomorrow. This unit got a good review from fixup and I like it too...nice to have the radio built in and a line out.
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    META42 and ZNR/CRD help

    Quote: Originally posted by panman Thanks for the advice Tangent! And Charlesb, at first I was thinking about using li-poly batteries, but then I realized that very few people would have a proper charger for them (or could get their hands on one for that matter!) So then I looked at my...
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    Is META42 good enough for my need?

    Quote: Originally posted by earthling In my opinion I would just get the meta42. You can do quite well with one of the maxed out variants. Mine has stacked 2002s and dual AD843 op-amps but you may not want to go that far. A meta42 based on an 8620 and stacked 2001s will do quite well...
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    want new portable amp

    I have a KurtW portable meta42, AD8620 op amp, stacked 2001 buffers. Very nice amp and it works beautifully with the ER4Ps. Runs on a single 9V battery, and gets reasonable battery life (12 ma draw from 170 mah Plainview implies about 14 hours).Others have recommended this set up with the 4s...
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    SuperMini v5

    Well, mighty interesting commentary on fixups web pages regarding V5 mini. He may not post here anymore, but I reckon he reads the stuff, since the "they" complaining about not enough voltage on the mini must be people here. I'm happy to see continuous improvements, but the use of 6 AAA...
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    9V Battery Life on a Meta-42

    Quote: Originally posted by Fuse I just ordered a used META42 from KurtW that is similar to yours, charlesb, and I wanted to know, what's the battery life like with regular batteries? J.F. I like the slight extra voltage that I get from the Plainview battery. I found that I would...