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    SOLD: AMB Gamma2 DAC

    bump, big price drop
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    SOLD: AMB Gamma2 DAC

    price drop to $150
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    FS: TI OPA627AP

    I've got 7 unused units of OPA627AP. I've had them sitting around awhile in static-dissipative box, had some unused extras from when I built a PPAv2. Price includes shipping to CONUS; Paypal only, please.   Please PM any questions.
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    FS: AMB Gamma2

    Just to clarify, the cost of the gamma2 to you would only be parts cost, plus shipping. I just like building stuff! You'd also get your choice of case colors. 
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    FS: AMB Gamma2

    I am currently planning a Gamma2 build. If anyone is interested in having me build them a Gamma2, I would be willing to double my order to do that. Please send me a PM if you are interested and we can discuss the details. It would be $250 shipped to the US.    Thanks, Evan C aka bperboy
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    AMB σ22 Regulated Power Supply (+-30V) & Toroidal Transformer

    For sale is a dual-rail power supply from, the σ22 Regulated Power Supply. I have configured it for +-30V operation and verified that the outputs measure +-30.28V. So pretty much dead on. There's a red LED installed as power indicator and to drain the capacitors when the power supply is...
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    Post pics of your builds....

    It's not an audio thing directly, but here's photos of my NorCal 40A 40m ham radio I just finished this week. It includes some hand-wound inductors and transformers, which is not something you usually see on audio equipment too much.      
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    FS: AKG K702

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