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    Audio Technica A-900 Price Reduced $100 Reduced the price...
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    FS: Audio Technica ATH-A900 LIKE NEW...

    I guess we dont speak the same language then... There is the word new.. Meaning: new Audio pronunciation of "new" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n, ny) adj. new·er, new·est 1. Having been made or come into being only a short time ago; recent: a new law. 2. 1. Still fresh: a new coat of...
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    FS: Audio Technica ATH-A900 LIKE NEW... Check it out! Brad
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    128MB San Disc SD Card For SALE!!

    Just thought I would let you all know I am selling a 128MB SD card on ebay.. If anyone is interested... Thanks for looking..
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    Just Recieved My ATH-A500's, WOW!

    Quote: Originally posted by bubbers214 I can't wait to hear what the CD3000 or the HD650's sound like. Beware...
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    ATH-EW9 Review

    Could you take some "real life" pictuers of the EW9?
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    Audio Technica CM7ti

    Thanks for your input.. Right after I bumped my post up, I saw that the search function IS now working... I am confused.. I dont know if I should go the EW9 route, or the CM7ti...
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    Audio Technica CM7ti

    I see that the search function is still disabled.. So here comes another useless post... Any current owners of the CM7ti? Anyone spot me a review? Anyone like the AT ear buds?
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    best headphones for working out

    just get some cheap throw away ear buds... I cant even count how many times I have gotten my cord completely snagged on somthing while walking around the house with my old cheap headphones... I wouldnt ever take my sures into the gym...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-EW9/EM9r/EM9d/EM7... owners...

    What AT clipons do you have? How do you like them so far? I am contemplating getting some EW9's as I am sure you know...
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    Hmmm which toy next

    Quote: Originally posted by DJGeorgeT All this soundstage crap is manufactured anyways. Interesting.... I like soundstage because it makes my listening experiance more worthwile, it gives the music life!
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    FS: ATH-W1000

    BUMP for some serious AT bling....
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    pics of my set-up

    Word.. I'll be taken cuban hits down in the caymans on monday!! I'll let you all know how to E3 do in the plane...
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    Audio Technica

    Quote: Originally posted by BigD If looks could kill!!! My ATH-EM7 have beautiful brushed aluminium finish along with piston-precision type earclips. Ear cups are CNC machine milled so it's attractive 1 metal piece. I'm very sure fit and finish on ATH-EM9 is par or excels my clip-ons...
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    Audio Technica

    Too bad that the EM7 doesnt sound that great.. They are a good price, good enough to not look crazy.. With the EW9 people would probably kill you, then steal your woodies, then run.. The ATH-EM9r Ear-Fitting Headphones look pretty damn nice for the price, but then If I'm shelling out $159...