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    it's a beautiful thing

    yes sir
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    biggest sell out?

    radrd you have made a very strong case. i especially like the point you made about the demo tapes. i am almost completely convinced. but this thread has not been a complete waste of time, because we were listing the biggest sell outs. given that all bands sell out, some do more than...
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    punk rockers...where are you

    what do you guys think about the band at the drive in as far as a political punk bands go. love to hear your thoughts and ideas
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    biggest sell out?

    i understand both you points and ideas, but in my opinion that only holds true for bands and artists like eminem, britney spears, n*sync, ja rule, sean puffy combs, etc. they got into the buisness for one reason and one reason olny, money. bands like metallica, nirvana, led zeppelin, ratm, ect...
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    biggest sell out?

    Quote: Originally posted by radrd Can some one tell me the point of bitching about musicians selling out when that's what they did when they got their first record contract? The goal of these "artists" is to make money. People without the talent to make money at their art don't ever...
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    John Mayer anyone?

    i have took a listen to the me he sounds like a poppy dave matthews. nothing im really interested in, but the boy can play a guitar.
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    Your favorite career artist/group

    the doors
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    biggest sell out?

    metallica is another great call. i remember when they came out with the load cd and the back cover showed them with their hair cut nice and short (even had gel in it), smoking cigars, and drinking wine. that was the begining of the end. and then when they started bitching about napster, taking...
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    punk rockers...where are you

    Quote: Originally posted by XXhalberstramXX what is it you like about NOFX? i really enjoy the music that they have made throughout the years. their lyrics can make you laugh, cry, and just stop and think. and the acutall music that they put together sounds great and jusr rocks...
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    Meet them!

    Quote: Originally posted by arnett i once had a dream that i met john lennon in early 1966. he was playing an unfinished version of i'm only sleeping. he was singing away, and he'd come to the end of a line and i would complete it for him. it's like we were writing the song together...
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    Meet them!

    i would love to have a sit down with jim morrison. and yes i know he has been dead for almost 30years but that conversation would be mind boggling.
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    Best "concept" albums of progressive rock/heavy metal

    and after starting the punk thread i am so upset that no one named the clash.
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    Best "chillout" albums?

    im not sure if this was mentioned already and im too lazy to go through the thread to check, but how about the pumpkins - mellon collie and the infinate sadness Outdoor Man, im just curious about Capercaillie. are the vocals in scottish?
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    eminem getting air time on "rock stations"

    Quote: Originally posted by Nezer Or give-in and learn to like it. His new album isn't *that* bad. It starts off pretty well actually and shows some maturity on his part. i do not need to learn to like anyone. i dont like him and i do not like his music. hes a wannabe badass...
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    What is the absolutely WORST album/cd you ever bought?

    CREED - HUMAN CLAY a huge waste of $14