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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Many thanks, EtyDave! From my experience all of dynamic Etymotics are better from one model to another model. I mean newer models everytime is better than previous. So, hope with BA classics of Ety's we will have a new era of the new Ety's models.  
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Should we found good improvement from the new models versus previous ones? Or -+ the same with a slightly difference?
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    Sansa clip replacement?

    Take SanDisk Jam. I like it more than any Clips. Dunno why, but some very small things changed against old ones and the newest model just good overall. I suppose it is not made from the cheaper parts, -+ the same. It is impossible to make a huge jump in this price point and size.  Also take a...
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    Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Both of you can be right, but let me add 50cents. 1) Low output impedance is a must for all portable DAPs these days. 2) No hiss is a good requirement for all stuff.  3) Synergy. Yes, some A-DAP can be perfect, some B-Phones can be top-notch, but together - crap. So this is a good practice to...
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    Bring back Wolfson chips in Apple devices!

    I don't remember about 5G->4S parts etc. But all iPods sounds a little bit better than iPhones of the same year production. On a blind tests people usually giving very high marks for iPods/iPhones, compared to the AstellKerns for example (and other "hifi" daps), when they are on the same volume...
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    Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

    I was trying for short listening Heaven IV with Colorfly C4, SanDisk Jam and SGS3. So i was totally blown that there were no difference! Yes, very-very small, but let's skip it (volume level for example, and more/less warmth).  Nice phones, but mot for hardcore and speed metal. 
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    Sandisk Clip Jam - Coming Soon

    Let's go more.  Bass - very good. It is detailed, punchy and rather deep.  Mids - ok, without miracles, but really good as for non-audiophile 500$+ DAP.  Treble - short. It is exist, but it is not too long.  Soundstage - depends of the phones, but basically decent.  Character - from neutral...
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    Etymotic MK5... any users?

    Tried them yesterday in audio shop. So, they were totally new and i hope they need some burn-in time to show their bests. What i like - bass, deep and punchy with good resolution and quantity, detailed mids, good vocals. Treble was short, and upper-mids were to bright, extra bright. When i...
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    Sleek SA6

    1) Cable nowadays is not a problem, if you've got working pins, you can make any custom cable you like. The cheapest variant is to buy some from lunashops and then to ask any mobile/notebook-repair-service to connect your pins to the new cable. 10-15 minutes for them in every city. 2) Ask Sleek...
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    New MP3/DAP Player

    Take new Sansa Jam! 8Gb inside + slot microSD. Also Cowon M2 as for good EQ, battery life, size. Good sound mostly depends of the synergy between Phones and Dap, so usually Phones should be the 1st component and nextly choose player for them.
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    Sandisk Clip Jam - Coming Soon

    Tried Jam in the shop. From design and built, this is the best SanDisk Clip Player. Look and feeling is really nice. Perfect screen, works very fast, good tactile buttons, lot of colors.  SQ is subjective, but i'm -+ hater of Sansa Players. No details, boring digital sound. But Jam was much...
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    Westone UM PRO Series Thread

    I don't know about 40, but SE535 is better than previous W4/R, IMHO. Yes, Bass can be deeper and treble can be longer on Westones, but total in general Shure 535 sounds better.
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Funny stuff, that 25 years old model still killing to much newer ones, who even have 5-6 and more drivers inside, 3-5 times more expensive... Just applause:)