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    FS: SoundMagic E80 low hours IEM

    Originally bought these for maximum isolation and sound quality during traveling and plane rides but never really used them much since I received a NC headphone as a gift shortly after. Perfect working and aesthetic conditions, included are 3 sets of eartips including the foam ones, the other 2...
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    Earphones android-compatible with microphone, volume controls and tangle free cord?

    Thanks to this forum I have bought a pair of Soundmagic E-80, I am quite happy with it but they lack a microphone and I need an earphone that I can quickly take on and off. Any recommendations given the following specs: - android-compatible - microphone + volume controls (2-3 buttons) - tangle...
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    earbud with mic and bluetooth, non in-ear

    Another option I thought about is getting some decent earbuds and then using a clip-on bluetooth receiver like this   Do you guys think these clip-on receiver have enough juice for...
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    earbud with mic and bluetooth, non in-ear

    Hello folks! Thanks to this place for leading me to the Soundmagic e-80, which I like very much but I need something with a microphone, that doesn't isolate me and frankly more comfortable. It's not the e-80 itself, I just can't handle deep insertion earbuds, or anything that goes too much in my...
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    Soundmagic e80

    I have not seen a thread dedicated to this model. There is a great review so far. I am wondering when will these be sold by Amazon? I have a gift card I would like to use :) And how long does it take for miccastore to ship something?
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    Reply to review by 'becritical' on item 'Soundmagic E80 in-ear monitor headphone'

    @Hisoundfi thanks for the feedback. I see you also reviewed the M9 classic. How do these two compare? Does the M9 include foam tips? And which of the two sounds better without an amp? Which one is more comfortable? Sorry lots of questions but I am pretty much down to the E80, M9, xiaomi pistons 3.
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    warranty questions and international warranty

    I am tempted to buy one of the chinese brand IEM, probably Soundmagic/Xiaomi/Havi but I am wondering about warranty because it seems that the quality control is not the greatest. But I read a lot of problems people are having with warranty. If I buy a pair in the US and then I move to Europe...
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    Reply to review by 'becritical' on item 'Soundmagic E80 in-ear monitor headphone'

    @Hisoundfi Thanks for the review. How do these compare to the PL50? I will use them mainly without a dedicated amp, with smartphone and a laptop, should I look at something else?
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    Hifiman: Terrible experience with RE-400i and the company's customer service

    What are some reliable brands that will replace defective items and have perhaps worldwide warranty? I am buying a pair of IEM in the US but I am moving to europe. Will I have to ship mine to the US if they break or are there companies with european HQ?
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    Havi b3 pro 1 thread 2.0

     I listen to a variety of music from acoustic folk, piano and vocals to punk. I really like vocals and guitar details and clarity. I don't have a preference for the cable but comfort it's important and isolation needs to be high and medium because i will use these on long flights so good...
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    New Member Introductions thread

    hello! how long does it take to get the first post approved? Can a moderator please check into my thread submission? thanks!
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    The new IEM of Vsonic VSD 3S ( impression updated by smailbz)

    can someone please comment on comfort? I have rather small ear and will have to wear these for long flight and cycling, so a mix of comfort while sitting/sleeping and when moving.
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    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    Can someone comment on the comfort level of these over extended hours and isolation?
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    Havi b3 pro 1 thread 2.0

    Given that everybody is saying that the havi will sound better with a dedicated amp, I will only be using them with a sony xperia phone and a laptop, what are better choices of IEM for use without an amp? So is it better to pick a more efficient IEM? I am no audophile and I am looking at a...
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    Soundmagic PL50 impressions+appreciation thread

    I have read quite a few reviews that the pl-50 tend to break easily. Can someone who has owned them for a while comment on their durability?