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Apr 25, 2018
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Current Headphones in use:
    -Sony mdr-zx600

    Current Earphones in use:
    -Plextone X41M
    -Xiaomi Active Noise Cancelling (3.5mm version)

    Stored away:
    Remax S1 Pro

    Sold/Given away:
    -Sony mdr1A
    -Superlux Hd668b
    -Xiaomi Piston fresh edition
    Source Inventory:
    Xiaomi 4x
    Music Preferences:
    EVERYTHING though i'm not really into rock or opera. I do have a few rock songs that i really like.
    Value of headphone i.e. price vs performance is EVERYTHING to me. I'm a uni student so every dollar matters. Ideally an iem/headphone should sound twice as good if it costs twice as much but of course most of the time that's not the case and i understand that.

    Sound preference:
    -Natural sounding!!!! That's the whole point of headphones right? to reproduce the sound as accurately as possible for full immersion.
    -Slightly elevated bass. I'm a big fan of Sony's bass (e.g. Sony mdr1A), it's slightly elevated but not as much as Monster/Beats yet sounds controlled.
    -A bit of warmth
    -Detail + clarity/separation
    -basically I like a mild L shaped sound signature. Bass should be slightly elevated yet mids/vocals and highs should be detailed and clear. Would appreciate a slightly elevated high which sparkles.

    Test tracks:
    -All the things you are - carly Simon
    -wild thoughts (medasin remix version)
    -Take five - Dave Brubeck Quartet
    -over the rainbow - pentatonix
    - permutated - haywyre, zeros
    -Can't take my eyes off you - Andy Williams
    -Time - Hans Zimmer
    - haven't met you yet - Michael Bublé
    - gravity - john Mayer
    - isn't she lovely - Sungha Jung
    - movie - Tom misch
    - entre dos aguas- Paco De Lucia
    - love never felt so good - Michael Jackson
    - no role models - j Cole
    - bad to the bone- carolyn wonderland
    - hang glide- anomalie
    - walk around bell test, height center bell test, four surround sound test - Dr Chesky

    Former Headphones/Earphones:
    -Phillip O'neil THE SNUG SHO8800/28 (headphone).
    These were my first decent sounding headphones which i received when i was young, around 8 yrs ago. Before all i had were second hand headphones that my dad scavenged for free. Think i got these for $35-45 AUD and they sounded very good for the price. From memory they sounded nearly as good as the Sony mdrzx600 i currently use which retail for $100-120AUD though i got mine for 50$. The Phillips even had a detachable cable and the wire was fabric braided so never tangled. Sadly lost them during a holiday but thanks to that i found the Sony mdrzx600.
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