Nov 21, 2009
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Retired Tech Consultant/Investor

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    Retired Tech Consultant/Investor
    listening to music, reading lots of books, watching college football, & photography
    Buying/selling & modding modern & classic Klipsch & Wilson Speakers, reading e-books, watching sports, esp. college football, photography
    Headphone Inventory:
    FULL SIZE: Fostex TH900, Oppo HA2 & 3, Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog, Senn. HD 800 w several aftermarket cables & HD 650/600s, Audez'e LCD-2 v1/v2.5 & LCDX, Hifiman HE 500, Beyer DT 880s, T5p & T1, Grado RS-2, AKG K702 & K550, K240, ATH AD900, Shure SRH840, Grado SR325is, King Sound H3, Ultrasone Pro 900, NAD HP50, Blue Mo-Fi, NVX Audio XPT100, Harman/Kardon,Parrot Zik 2, & Creative Aurvana Platinum Bluetooth/Wireless headphones,

    PORTABLE: Beyer DT 1350, Senn/Adidas HD 25-1 II Originals, AT ATH-M50x & ATH-ESW9a, B&W P5, Creative Arvana Live!, Aiaiai TMA-1, Koss ESP950s, Sony MDR-Z700, Marshall Major II, SOL Republic Tracks Ultra, Phillips Uptown, Incase Sonic, Noontec Zero HD & Hammo S, Bose QC-15, Soul SL300, Senn RS-160, Urbanears Plattan+, Monoprice 8323, Harman/Kardon CL & Creative WP-350 Wireless Bluetooth headphones,

    IEMs/CIEMs: Atomic Floyd Superdarts, Heir Audio 4.Ai, Ety. er-4, hf-3, hf-5, er-6, er-6i, UE 10vi & UE900, Klipsch Image X-10i, Shure SE530, SE535 & SE846, Phonak Audeo PFE-232, Westone 3 & 4r , Hifiman RE0, Hifiman RE-262 & RE-272,Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, RE400 & RE600, VSonic GR01 & GR07s, Monoprice 8320, Monster Pro Copper, Sony MDR EX600/EX1000, Phonak Audéo PFE 232, MEE A-151 & CC51, Fischer Audio DBA-02 Mk II, AT ATH-CK10 & CK100 Pros, Urbanears Medis, Aftershokz Sports M2, Senn CX-880, plus CIEMs Livewire Trips, 1964Ears 1964-v3, JH13 freqphase, & Noble K10s-0,
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    DESKTOP AMPS: Oppo HA-1, Woo WA7 Fireflies, Eddie Currant Zana Deux, Woo WA6 Maxxed, HiFiman modded ef5, Earmax Pro OTL, Modded Bottlehead Crack/w Speedball, Audio-GD Phoenix, Doge 6210 2+ tube amp, LD MK-V, Nuforce HDP amp/dac, Yaqin MS-34C Tube headphone amp, AudioQuest Dragonfly v1.2 , Modded Bravo v2 & Audio Ocean Tube amps, King Sound M10,

    PORTABLE AMPS: CEntrance DACmini CX & DACport, ALO RXIII, ALO Continental 2, Meyer Corda2 Stepdance, RRA Emmeline-P-51, HR Total Bithead, PA2V2, + several cMoy amps running a variety of Opamp chips, Fiio E17, A&K-ak jr.
    Source Inventory:
    Highly Modded Benchmark DAC1 HDR, EE Minimax DAC, Nuforce HDP & uDac , CE DACmini & DACport,, Glow One Amp II, Marantz DV9500+, Oppo BDP-83SE, Oppo DV-983H, NAD C542, RWA-iPod iMod, Zune HD + Zune 80, Sanza Clip+,modded Zero Amp/DAC, SuperPro 707-Dac, Music Streamer II+, Bel Canto Link 24/96, HiFace USB/BNC converter, Audioquest Dragonfly v.1.2, Fiio E17, Fiio X5
    Cable Inventory:
    Primarily Cardas Cross, Kimber Kable Silver Streak & Hero w a variety of other medium to high end brands being used as tests with various gear. Also Several DIY cables & speaker wire recommended by 6-Moons website.
    Power-Related Components:
    3 Dared tube amps & Pre-amps, Krell S 300i, Classic Nad 320 (very highly modified) pre-amp/amp combo, Denon POA 2400
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Onkyo TX-NR reciever, Pioneer VSX 1015-TX reciever, Outlaw RR-2150 stereo recever. Panasonic SA-XR57 (highly modded), Marantz Model 2265 receiver (highly modded), NAD tuners 1 digital & 1 analog. Speakers: Magnepan 1.7s,MMGs, & CC3, Klipsch Kliphorns , Klipsch Heresy IIs, Klipsch 7.2 RF-7, HT System, Klipsch 5.1 RF5 HT System, Mirage OM-10 HT 5.1 System, 2 Klipsch KLF-10 towers, 2 Hornshoppe Horns, 2 Omega Super 3 XRS, 3 SuperNova 15" subs, 2 Klipsch RT-12d subs, Wilson Audio WATT/Puppies
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Tube & Opamp rolling + modding & upgrading amps, receivers, DVD & CD players, upgrading/repairing/refinishing & selling primarily Klipsch speakers (esp. Heritage series)
    Music Preferences:
    Eclectic, just about anything: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical. R&B, some country, & almost any combo there of
    BenQ HT1080ST,Epson 5030UB & Sony VPLHW55ES HT Projectors; Samsung 65-inch OLED & Sharp 80-inch Aquos HD/3D TVs; Amazon, Roku 3,Apple & Vudo TV boxes,Kindle Fire HD+ 8.9", Kindle Papaerwhite, 2 Kobo & Sony e-book readers, iPad Air,
    BS & MS degrees from UT-Austin, Technology Consultant now Retired
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