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    Need help with Physics Project!!! Please!

    A neat loudspeaker experiment (with a moving diaphragm) is to change the Fs of the speaker using small weights on the dust cover (the small cover in the center of the diapragm). Buy two identical INEXPENSIVE drivers and show how the response changes. Amazingly, it can even be calculated...
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    The IMPEDER = Less than 10 ohms output from any piece of gear

    This makes clear the other thread - Oh well... An output stage of a power amplifier is basically a trans-admittance stage. What this means is as follows: The output impedance is high (NOT low) Therefore, it controls the current to the device. The amplifier converts a low voltage signal at...
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    How to calculate effective output impedance of something like this?

    I think tailspn is referring to that some amplifiers are voltage devices (and therefore have low output impedance). Examples are devices used to power electrostatic drivers. Regular power amplifiers for magnetic voice coil systems are generally trans-addmittance stages (i.e. Voltage to Current...
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    What IS the best NiMH?

    2000mAh at Those extra 200mAh are lifesavers...
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    How hot is too hot?

    112 deg. F is hot? Seriously, my class A back home runs at almost 100 deg C (Japanese TO-3) for many years. Can cook eggs on them. Fans just add noise...
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    Just got my alps black beauty and hmm...

    Quote: That is, put a stereo test tone CD in and run each signal through the pot and measure the signal with an accurate AC voltmeter. This tests the behavior of the pot under real conditions -- it's a test for the behavior you're actually interested in instead of testing the mechanism that...
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    chewing gum batteries VS. dry AA batteries?

    AA Alkaline is 2400mAh. But only for low discharge rates!
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    what is clipping?

    Clipping is when the amplitude of the output signal is bounded by some maximum value, and attempts to exceed it. E.g. a voltage signal needs to be higher than the "rail" voltage (i.e. the supply voltage). Or a high current drain that cannot be supported by the supply and causes the supply...
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    Balanced Power - DIY

    Thanks Budgie, the link is very useful. Bootman - I bought my transformers at Plitron. A regular 750VA Toroid goes for ~$70-80 (you need 2*60V, or 120V Center tapped). Their Top of the Line LoNo toroids goes for less than $300 for a 1kVA behemoth (No power on on current rush to trip your...
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    Balanced Power - DIY

    Thanks. Equitech's site is very informative. In designing the filter circuitry, do you just take several 1uF X2 capacitors to ground and chokes in series? What frequency would you attempt to block with such a filter? A 1uf (big) with a 1mH (unreasonable size) coild would give a 31kHz...
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    Balanced Power - DIY

    Jude - perhaps this should go into the DIY section. Did anyone construct their own balanced power conditioner? The transformers are readily available from the likes of Plitron, and all you need are some chokes, capacitors and sockets..... I have bought two transformers, one is a 750kVA...
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    sony md mz-n1, panasonic mr250 and head amp

    Yes. it has a Bass and Treble controls. These are disabled, however, in Line Out mode.
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    headphones vs speakers

    Quote: Case in point: Oris 200 is $6250... 1/3 of that is about $2100. That's about enough for a Twin Head, HD-600, Equinox (or Cardas) cable, modded ART DI/O, and CD transport. I'd still take the Oris, but at 33% of the price the headphone setup makes an excellent cost conscious...
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    sony md mz-n1, panasonic mr250 and head amp

    I have an MZ-N1. The Line-out definitely sounds better than the heaphone out (better low level resolution and dynamics). The line out is multiplexed on the headphone output (i.e. uses the same connector). I have no experience with the other player. Note that you cannot use the line out mode...
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    chewing gum batteries VS. dry AA batteries?

    Consider that chewing gum models are usually designed for 1.2V, while replacing a dry cell with a rechargeable one gives 0.3 Volts less per cell. For a 1 cell player that is not much. But for a boom box with upwards of 10 cells, that may be out of specification. At last a reason not to get a...