I'm always interested in trades to try out new gear; doesn't even have to be audio related.
Same as what I do for a living, because what's the point of living otherwise?
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Headphone Inventory
quick reference: Canadian companies/retailers:

=Current= (super duper out of date)

HiFiMAN HE-6 (original 4-screw, modded: new pads, new grills, fuzzor, added custom front damping, removed damping behind)
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (w/Fostex T50rp drivers in them)
Pioneer HDJ-2000 (modded -
Fostex T50rp (modded up the wazoo)
Sennheiser PX100-ii
Sennheiser Amperior (w/600 ohm HD25-13 drivers, isolation modded)
Sennheiser HD598 - balanced recable -
Sennheiser HD650
V-Sonic GR07
Nuforce HEM8

AKG K240 Sextett (with SFI ortho drivers; transplant never finished)

(I'm just starting to organize this, I've pobably missed a bunch)


Alpha & Delta AD01 - (post#83)
Celsus Sound Gramo One - review:
Encore RockMaster IE:
FLC8S: (micro review)
Nuforce NE-600X -
Nuforce NE-600X, NE-700X, NE-770X -
NuForce HEM family: (post #105: shotgun style review)
Dunu DN-23 Landmine -
VE Zen & Asura: (post #898)


Studio/DJ headphone shootout:
HDJ-2000, M50, SRH 840, Q40 -
HDJ-2000, DT1350, T50p, HD25-1-ii, HD25-13-ii, M80, TMA-1 -

Encore RockMaster OE:

Hifiman HE-560:
Hifiman HE-X:

Munitio Pro40 -

Oppo PM-1 -
Oppo PM-3 -

Noontec HammoS -

Nuforce HP-800:

Phiaton MS 400 -
Phiaton MS 300, MS 400, PS 500 -

Sennheiser Amperior - review:
Sennheiser PX100-ii -


Sennheiser PX 100 Red paint job -

Pioneer HDJ-2000 bass boost/extension -

Monoprice 8323 bass/general mod-

Urbanears Plattan recable-

M-Audio Q40 (post #760) -

ortho transplant: Fostex T40v1 into Phiaton PS500 -
ortho transplant: SFI (120 ohm) into AKG K240 Sextett LP -
ortho transplant: Fostex T50rp into V-Moda Crossfade LP -
ortho transplant: Fostex T50rp into Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro -

Alessandro: MS1i x2
AKG: K701, K702, K612pro, K340 x2 (bass heavy & bass light), K240M, K240 Sextett LP, K240 Sextett MP (NOS)
Audio Technica: ANC7b, ATH-AD700, ATH-A700 (balanced), ATH-A900, ATH-ESW9A, ATH-M50, ATH-706 electret
Beyerdynamic: DT48e 25 ohm. DT880/600. DT880-250, DT250-250
Beta Brainwavz
Celsus Sound: Gramo One
Fostex: T10, T40v1 x2. T50rp x way-too-many
Grado: SR80, SR125, SR325, HF-1
Hifiman: HE-300, RE252
JBL: Ref 410
Koss: KSC75 x3
Koss Porta Pro
M-Audio: Studiophile Q40
Miu Audio: MR2pro
Monoprice: 8323 (modded)
Munitio: Pro40
Noontec: HammoS
Nuforce: NE-600X, NE-700, NE770, HP-800, 700X / 770X
Phiaton: MS 300, MS 400, PS 500 (with transplanted Fostex T40v1 drivers (ortho))
Realistic: Pro30 (ortho, modded)
Sennheiser: PX 100, PX100-ii, PX 200-ii, HD25-1-ii x4 (modded etc), HD 438, HD 580 w/600 grills & 650 cable x2, HD600, HD555, HD595, HD598, MX680
Shure: SE 210, SE 215, SRH 440, SRH 840, SRH 940
Skullcandy: Roc Nation Aviator
Sony: MDR-V6 x2, MDR-Z7
STAX: SR-007 (from a Woo WEE)
Superlux: HD660
Ultimate Ears: UE700
Ultrasone: Pro750
V-Moda: M80
Yamaha: RH10ms (rebadged Ultrasone HFi450 - with transplanted SFI ortho drivers), YH-1 (housed in Senn HD600 body and damped, w/HD650 cable), YH-3 (ortho)
Headphone Amp Inventory
=Current= (always out of date)
SPL Phonitor 2
Bryston BHA-1
Schiit Jotunheim 2
Focusrite VRMbox - usb dac/amp and speaker/acoustics simulator
CEntrance DacMini PX
NuPrime uDSD

For my HE-6: Bryston B60R-DA or


Apex Butte:
iFi Pro iCAN:
Nuforce HAP-100:
Nuforce HA-200 monoblocks:
Neurochrome HP-1:
Oppo HA-1:
Ortofon HD-Q7:
Wolf Ear Makoyi:

mini shootout - amp for the HE-6: NuForce Icon2 vs STA-100 vs CEntrance DacMini PX:

Bottlehead Crack - tube amp (x3)
iBasso D10 Cobra w/tons of opamps- usb dac/amp
Nuforce uDac2 - usb dac/amp
Ortofon HD-Q7
G&W T2.6F - tube amp
FiiO: e5, e10, e09k, e17
Centrance Dacport
Fanmusic RA1
Digizoid ZO2
Nuforce HAP-100
Meier Corda Aria
Nuforce HDP
Nuforce Icon2 - speaker and headphone dac/amp - review:
NuPrime IDA-8
SPL Phonitor X
Benchmark AHB2
Source Inventory
=Current= (again, this is out of date)

Prism Lyra
RME Babyface Pro FS
laptop & J.River Media Center
Focusrite VRMbox - usb dac/amp and speaker/acoustics simulator
NuPrime uDSD
Focusrite Clarette USB
Schiit Wyrd
Schiit Eitr

iRiver iHP-120 (sold)
iBasso D10 w/tons of opamps
Nuforce uDac2 (sold, gifted)
Nuforce DAC-100
Nuforce HDP
Focusrite Saffire 6 USB (usb, 2 in, 4 out, balanced)
Echo Indigo DJ (pcmcia, sold)
M-Audio Firewire Solo (sold)
Behringer UCA202 - for usb to optical conversion (sold)
Wadia121 Decoding Computer - review:
FiiO: E10, E17
FiiO X1 review:
Hot Audio USB DAC Destroyer
Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro II
Echo2 USB
Schiit Modi Multibit
Sansa Clip, Clip+, Fuze (v1, rockbox)
Native Instruments Traktor 2 (usb, 4 out)
Forssell MDAC-2a
Crane Song Solaris

==review ==
Focusrite Saffire 6 USB -
Nuforce uDac-3:
Nuforce DAC-100:
NuPrime uDSD -
Encore mDSD -
SoundAware M1Pro - (post #1025)
Prism Lyra vs Calia vs RME ADI-2 Pro vs Schiit Yggdrasil vs Forssell MDAC-2A -

my iBasso D10 opamp rolling experience so far: (post #3984)
Cable Inventory
some Furutech, Neutrik, too many DIY to list, etc
Burson Cable+ review:

well over 1000' of various pro audio cabling
Power-Related Components
Nuforce LPS2-192k (power supply and usb to coax/optical converter 192k) - review:

Furman Elite 20 PFi
APC SurgeArrest power strips
several Tripp Lite isolation transformers
Other Audio Equipment
John Blue JB3
Centrance Masterclass 2504
Celsus Sound SP One actives
review/shootout of the above three speakers:
Paradigm 5se & Monitors
B&W DM11
Cambridge Soundworks 2.1
Cambridge Soundworks Model Twelve Monitors x 2
M-Audio AV40 (traded)
NuForce Cube - review:
Nuforce Icon2 + S-X + W1 (speaker amp/dac, speakers and subwoofer)
Gigaworks T40 (sold)
various PA systems
various sound docks
power amps: Brystons, Carver, Yorkville, etc.
several vintage receivers

Radio Shack ground loop isolator
Audio-Related Tweaks
radio shack ground loop isolator, cheater plugs
DIY cables
Music Preferences
classical, swing/big band jazz, chillout, acoustic/folk, classic rock, etc
dance engineer metallurgist teacher music


archived feedback link
building an active balanced ground: link
ortho transplants: Fostex T40v1/Phiaton PS500, SFI-120/Sextett, Fostex T50rp/V-Moda Crossfade, Fostex T50rp/Beyer COP
Winnipeg headfi community:
next meet - Sunday Feb 19