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entry level bang for the buck

A Review On: NuForce NE600X Black In-ear Headphones

NuForce NE600X Black In-ear Headphones

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Pros: build quality, strong bass, small size

Cons: short cord, flabby bass

For a comparison of the NE-600X vs 700X vs 770X, see here: 



This is the entry level IEM from Nuforce, a company better known to us headfiers for the uDac and HDP.  I'm keeping this review short as I will be writing up a more complete comparison with their other iems at a later point. 



- Driver: 11mm

- Impedance: 16 ohms

- Frequency Response: 20-20k Hz

- Rated Power: 1 mW

- Max Input: 3 mW

- Sensitivity: 100 dB +/- 3dB

- Weight: 12.5 g

- Length: 110mm (43.3 in)




- No frills packaging, though the box is surprisingly sturdy and reuseable unlike the typical throwaway plastic boxes of today.

- Apart from the three tips, no accessories whatsoever which was a little disappointing. I would have been happier with a cheaper/flimsy plastic box and have a provided case to put the IEM into





Build Quality:

- I'm actually quite happy with the build quality on these. They feel relatively solid, decent strain relief, and the flat non-tangling cable is excellent. 

- The cord is quite prone to microphonics when worn down, but is barely noticeable when worn over-ear.



- I have a lot of trouble with getting iems to fit me due to my small ears, but had no trouble with these. 

- I can wear them up or down with no issue

- The cable is a tad short, especially if you're wearing it over-ear.






- Average as far as iems go. There's a large port on the back which I'm sure lets in all sorts of noise, and also makes them highly susceptible to wind noise. 



Sound Quality: (I hate trying to describe sound in absolutes, so I'll just give the basics)

- Despite the average sensitivity, The low impedance makes these very susceptible to noise from any device. Even on my fuze there was a very low background hum. Not really noticeable when playing typical music, but if you listen to a lot of soft recordings this might be an issue unless you have an amp with an exceptionally low background noise.

- The sound is very bass tilted, but definition is lacking since the bass and midbass bleed heavily into the midrange; I do not know for certain if this is due to the tilted bass or slow decay in the bass region (or possibly both), or simply lower end drivers

- Midrange quality is decent. At this price point I wasn't expecting much, and I pretty much got what I was expecting.

- Prone to distortion at high volumes, as well as clipping (likely due to exceeding the current limits of a portable device due to the low impedance)

- Overall honestly not too impressed with the sound (perhaps I've been spoiled with higher end gear), but keeping in mind the low price I could still genuinely recommend this to someone on a budget


Bottom line:

- Bass oriented consumer/top40 sound

- Excellent build quality

- Good band for the buck


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