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    Computer Speakers Recommendation for $200-300 price range.

    What setup did you end up getting? Are you happy with it?
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    Looking for a good DAC under 850€ (+- 1000$)

    Check out the Dangerous Music Source.
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    Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th anniversary edition review

    Ended up finding a vendor in Nevada on eBay who sold me a pair for $270 new after negotiations. Just got em in the mail. My first exposure to the Sennheiser sound. Love em!
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    Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th anniversary edition review

    190e?  That's about $237 American.  Jealous of that price!   Wondering what good $ American prices everyone has seen on these?  I found some for $280 in the States and wondering if I should just go for it.
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    "Very Best" DJ Headphone <$500?

    Thanks, Jodgey. Senn 6Mix might pose impedance issues for me. Guess I just want to try out the Senn sound. Although I'm open to other options too...
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    "Very Best" DJ Headphone <$500?

    Can anyone recommend a comfortable and relatively neutral sounding dj can? Need something to pair with my Native Instruments S4 MK2. Primarily for electronic music. I presume the Sennheiserdj HD 8 might be a little bit too bassy for me (not that I don't enjoy bass - just looking for more of a...
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    The Deals DISCUSSION Thread (READ THE FIRST POST!!!)   Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 DJ Controller   $523.43 with additional 15% off at Amazon.  I just paid $444.92 for it + tax.  Crazy deal.  Retail is $700.  
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    Dangerous Music Source DAC

    Yes, Zoom, I contacted the Source team as well about the USB cable link and Bob responded to me:   "Use the cable that comes with it!"   personally, i think the most likely weakest link in the audio chain for many is the caliber of their tunes!   needs more of this:      
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    Dangerous Music Source DAC

    My DM Source shipped with an approx 2 foot USB cable.  Nothing special.  Prob comparable to an cable so if you don't get one w/ your unit, well, who cares (besides a potential procurement delay).   Continue to enjoy the Source since day 1.  Very stable unit.   Have been...
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    Decision time! Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 or Mytek DSD-DAC?

    I end up getting a Dangerous Music Source. Love it. Def flies under the radar around here...
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    Dangerous Music Source DAC

    I definitely feel like I got a good value in my Source.   Hit up the DM Team, they're normally pretty responsive:   US Office Dangerous Music 231 Stevens Rd. Edmeston, NY 13335 Tel: 845-202-5100 Fax: 607-965-8012...
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    Better DAC than the Anedio D2 DAC? (sub $2000, good with Macs, integrated headphone amp, balanced xlr outs)

    Quote:   Thanks, Rich.   I continue to be very happy with my DM Source.  I was ready to drop up to $2k on my new DAC but really stoked I decided on the Source at around the $900 price point - what a great value! The DM Source via balanced xlr connection to my Dynaudio DBM50s (+ good...
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    Dangerous Music Source DAC

    Not sure what you're feeding from the Source but make use of the XLR balanced outs if you can...
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    Dangerous Music Source DAC

    I was impressed by the amount of reviews for the DM Source relative to its mastering grade DAC/monitor controller capabilities. Digging deeper, DM makes a lot of higher end studio gear. Cool American company. Welcome to the club, GB. Glad to hear you're enjoying the Source!
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    B.M.C. Announces PureDAC

    All things considered, I ended up getting a Dangerous Music Source. Solid reputation and I feel a good value at $900.