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    Hearing loss prevention

    Quote: There are many causes of tinnitus (from illness through to "it just happens"), not just exposure to extreme noise. A sound level meter can help with full-size head phones, keep the peaks in the 75 - 80 dB range (or lower), make sure you give your ears plenty of rest from noise and...
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    YOUR Top 10 Albums

    Tough to reduce the list to 10 and unlikely I'd get exactly the same list tomorrow!   Genesis - Selling England By The Pound Led Zeppelin - How the West Was Won Arcade Fire - Funeral Barenaked Ladies - Gordon Diana Krall - The Girl In The Other Room Jah Wobble - Take Me To God...
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    Comfort over sound, what pair of headphones should I get?

    It's really hard to be certain that you'll find a pair of HPs comfortable because someone else does, but of the ones ones I own, the most immediately comfortable are the Denon AHD2000s, but they do get uncomfortable after a couple of hours, or less if it's warm - my ears start itching and I just...
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    D2000 vs HD650 | Comparison & Review

    When I first received the 650s they were very uncomfortable, it was only when I bent the metal part of the headband (quite firmly) to release the grip, that they became comfortable. I now prefer them (comfort wise) to the D2000s, which feel a bit too loose (I don't always keep my head still when...
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    REVIEW: HiFiman HM-601

    Quote: Top to bottom. Doesn't affect the sound, so I'm not going to worry too much about it. I may get some transparent tape to make sure it holds together. It's not as though the display is a work of art on this device.
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    REVIEW: HiFiman HM-601

    I've managed to crack the glass in my 601. There was no impact, but the device was stored in my car while camping at -6C (or possibly a little lower) and that appears to have caused the crack. Still seems to play OK though.
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    HM-601 losing the SD card's songs

    The 601 behaves like that with some SD cards (e.g. for me a Sandisk 16Gb Class 4) and it behaves properly with others (e.g.  for me a Kingston 16Gb Class 4)
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    REVIEW: HiFiman HM-601

    Quote: My Sandisk 16 type 4 had the same problem, replaced by a Kinston 16 type 4 and it works. Some cards just aren't fully compatible
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    REVIEW: HiFiman HM-601

    No issues with Ubuntu 10.10 either
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    REVIEW: HiFiman HM-601

    "Fixed" the problem with the 601 forgetting it has an SD card loaded by swapping to a class 4 16Gb Kingston card, it works as it should. It also loads in my netbook twice as fast as the class 4 16Gb Sandisk card. Now have a spare 16Gb card for my camera (not that I've ever got close to filling...
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    The best Audiophile MP3 Player?

    Quote: It easily powers a pair of HD650s to unsafe levels, using flac files encoded with replaygain setting (the player won't recognise replaygain tags) set at the default 89 dB. A volume setting of 3 on high gain gives peaks in the low 70s dB (as measured using a Radioshack SPL meter with...
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    REVIEW: HiFiman HM-601

    Received my 601 this week. Generally pleased so far, except for one annoying "feature". When first switched on the device doesn't recognise any of the files on the SD card (16Gb class 4 Sandisk). The "fix" is to remove & reinsert the card and then use "update media file". Any idea on how I can...
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    To all Linux users out there

    Using an NC10 netbook, I've noticed no difference in sound between XP / ASIO / Foobar and Ubuntu / mpd driving an external DAC & Amp (Pico USB & GS Novo).  However on my Thinkpad (T60p) the external DAC is unusable because a clicking noise has appeared since a fresh install with latest version...
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    netbook as source

    I'm using a Samsung NC10 running Ubuntu 9.10 (it runs well, no need for NBR), mpd / gmpc with flac. I also managed to get Rhythmbox to work pretty well (by which I mean gapless playback and recognising replaygain tags). I still use EAC running under XP on a different laptop for the rips and...