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    Apple HomePod

    I love mine :relieved: I've got them playing together with Devilaet Phantoms, making an orchestra that's out of this world! I've got some nice head gear too and my speakers are just as musical! I just can't stop adding speakers everywhere haha.
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    Massdrop x Noble X Universal IEMs Review / Preview

    Shame Massdrop is always hit by customs here in GB.
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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    The solution was to disconnect one of the devices I think. I always have at least two devices connected to it. As soon as I disconnected others all seems well. :) for now anyway.
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    [DISCOUNT EXPIRED] Melissa Menago's Little Crimes

    Is the one available on Apple Music not binaural?
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    Reply to review by 'andreiru' on item 'Jomo Audio 6R '

    You have a way with words my friend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Guys with CIEMs, does your seal break when you move your jaws or smile..? Mine does on my left ear.
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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    My BTS stays in place securely even when i'm frolicking about. What are peoples thoughts on its SQ? I prefer the sound of my 6s plugged in directly.
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    FiiO New Portable Headphone Amp A1 --Classic & Tiny & Metal

    Having owned a couple of amps, I was impressed with the SQ/cost balance. Having been using the iPhone 6s and having ordered the noble's k10s custom an amp may well make sense in the setup.
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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Thanks for your viewpoint and the pics. They're so tiny though would it actually make a difference what they look like.. They'll be in my ear most of the time 
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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Could anyone direct me to a photo or two of any of the K10SLAs somewhere please? Also, does the bluetooth module degrade the SQ at all and how is the latency on it..? I've done my ear impressions and ordered the bluetooth module but am undecided on whether to go for the SLAs or full on with a...
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    Harman Kardon BT first impressions

    I don't think changing the volume affects it at all. It's there just before or after audio input. On my Mac it stops about a second after input while on the iPad around 10 seconds after audio input. It's not bothersome and hardly audible to my ears with these. I've owned Sennheiser's Kleer...
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    Harman Kardon BT first impressions

    There is a hiss but no more than other BT phones.   There is feedback though headband when you're walking. I also have tiny dropouts when I touch or cover the left ear cup. Not really an issue since you don't normally cover it.   Comfortable on the whole and very liberating, being BT. AAC SQ...
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    Grado e Series

    I took an offer of £69.17 at flubit. I've heard the sr60i which I thought sounded similar to SRH-840 which I loved so I should be happy.