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    Which headphones under 150$ for gaming?

    I have no idea because I just use headphones for listening to the music and haven't use it for gaming. I mean I haven't use headphones which are more than $120.
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    Looking for BT Headphones up to 150$

    I'm also a newbie in the audio department and I'm not so strict to the music. But recently I just got a pair of ANC headphones which is also bluetooth headphones and I love it! I was just impressed by its ANC function when I first time put it on. My world became quiet suddenly! So I guess its...
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    What would be the best headphones for 100$ or under?

    I recommend iTekinic BH005 which is no more than $80. I has tryied this pair of active noise cancelling headphones since last week and was impressed by it! Besides, it seems that iTeknic BH002 also works well but cheaper than BH005, which is $49.99 after you use $10 coupon.