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    I finally bought a K712 PRO to have a different sounding can. They are brand new, so no not broken in yet, but I am already pleased with the sound quality. They are very comfortable as well, which also is important to my ears.   MArco
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    Thank you, billybob, for the graph ! Gives me some first impressions.   After finding the website, I managed to build a graph with RS-1, HD600, K702 and K 712. The K702 seems close to the Senns's on the bottom side, but treble is quite different. The K712 is very different, has significantly...
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    Alcide Nikopol

    So, finally the last of my "next steps" became my first : I bought à pair of Grados.   They are buttoned RS-1's and got a re-haul by Grado in NYC. I don't know if they changed the drivers, but I suspect so. The sound was harsh when I got them back. Now after some hour of listening, it's...
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    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    ,I had a HD-650 for a A/B years ago and kept my HD600. For my ears and in my system (Creek OBH-11 at that time) the HD650 sounded way too smooth.
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    Grado RS series Owner club!

    Picked up a pair of RS1 #2978, just serviced by Grado in NYC.
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    Alcide Nikopol

    Hi there,   This is my first post on this Forum and I am not used to write in English, so sorry for any wrong spelling or misunderstanding.   For family reasons, I am listening much more to Cans these times. So I found my way to the Head-Fi Forum, reading about your experiences and getting...
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