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    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Anyone have any experiences getting remolds/impressions in China and sending it there locally?
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    [REVIEW] Head-Direct RE0 - a new contender for the best IEM

    Quote: Yeah this has also been my experience. Would be better if they raised cost by 10 for improving the cable.
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    [REVIEW] Head-Direct RE0 - a new contender for the best IEM

    AAnyone else having cable issues?   This is my 2nd pair of Re0s that have developed the issue, shipping them back to China is proving costly.
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    Etymotic ER4 Adapter - Awwan Audio

    Thanks your post answered all my doubts.
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    Etymotic ER4P - next upgrade?

    Here's the story: my etymotic er4p have been good to me for the past 2 years but one channel is screwed up. I love the etymotic sound but the apuresound replacement cable is simply too expensive. I want to know if there are any $300 iems that retain the ety sound as i'm not too fussed on having...
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    REVIEW: HiFiMan EF2 tube Hybrid Amp with USB DAC

    Would a Little dot MK III or EF2 produce better results with a HD 600 and keces 151 dac as a source? Was also wondering if these amps automatically bias the tubes. Thanks
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    22nd August UNSW (Sydney, Australia) Meet!

    Hi do any of you guys have any spare medium shure olives aka Shure Black Foam Sleeves that I can purchase? Thanks.
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    REVIEW: HiFiMan EF2 tube Hybrid Amp with USB DAC

    Is the ef2 still the best value for money even if the dac is not needed?
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    COEM Audio Australia - High quality HI-FI speakers, cd players, solid state and tube amplifiers have a decent range.
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    The Sennheiser HD-600 thread

    I used to have beyer DT 990 and have alessandro MS-1 and etymotic er4p right now. I'm not satisfied with the alessandro and like the beyers more. Would I like the hd 600 or akg 701 more with rock, pop and classical music? I like my mids and treble also. Im currently using a keces dac 151 and a...
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    How to improve your memory?

    Like someone said you could write a song and remember stuff like that but you could also try mind-mapping or the pegging method where you use your visual memory to remember things. For more info try this site Litemind it may teach you to 1. associate certain images with words 2. allow you to...
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    From Australia, where headphones are expensive... A900 good?

    I used to have the a900 but sold it as it just wasn't for me - recessed midrange, clunky and heavy. Also have the etymotic er4p which I like very much but I wouldn't pay $379 AUD for it off Marcus. I actually bought mine for ~165$ aud when the recent highs of 95 dropped to 85. I'd say they would...
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    Klipsch X5 v X10 v Sleek SA6 v UE SuperFi 5 v2

    Are you the guy on You could also try getting the SA6 from one of our sponsors. Approx 310 aud delivered but u will have to wait 5-10 days. You could also get express shipping but it would be hell expensive. I doubt they are worth $200+ well to me they are...