My DIY headphone tube amps

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  1. jww187
    The amps look great!  I'm just starting to think about my first build, some great inspiration. subscribed.
  2. Artsi
    Building new amp. Weights already over 10kg. Power Transformer is from that rather ugly 6SN7-6AS7 amplifier. With this amp that transformer looks much better.
    Still waiting for 6BY5G rectifier tube. RCA 6SN7GT tube is just there for photography. This is going to be "normal" stereo amplifier with headphone output too.
  3. whirlwind
    Great looking amps.
    Very nice job.
  4. elmoe
    This is such a cool thread.
  5. i luvmusic 2
    Very nice.[​IMG]
  6. TrollDragon
    Looking Excellent Artsi.
    I see some commercial products in the future, The Artsi Line of Exquisite Amplification.
  7. Artsi
    Some progress. Don't know where camera found that greenish color...
    I left some space for future improvements, like another RCA line in and more switches. Tomorrow i could begin soldering parts inside with my 15y old cheap soldering iron and that is much more fun than making chassis with not so proper tools. Drilling holes for tube sockets was easy with my new step drill. First i was going to paint plates, but after seeing amp outside ready i gave up on it.
  8. Artsi
    It works \o/ ! 
    Newer 6BY5GA rectifier tube does not look that bad. It does have pretty strong glow. I also have older coke bottle model 6BY5G.
    There is relay that disables speakers, if headphones are inserted. I have to be careful not to burn my headphones accidentally, this amp is capable to do that. Need to find a way to lower gain if headphones are inserted.
    Frequency response seems to be flat between 10hz-20khz, so everything is working as expected and inMADout output transformers seem to be very good for the price.
  9. elmoe
    Looks great! 
  10. i luvmusic 2
    Nice work as always.
  11. stupidmop
    Artsi you are blowing my mind with all these builds. [​IMG] 
  12. bdiz
    Some fantastic amps, I'm more or less worried about causing a fire and burning down my apartment. 
    Good Job guys!
  13. Nhubley
    Nice job keep it up man! 
  14. lamode
    Looks much better than any of my DIY projects :)
  15. Artsi
    I have build new amp. Just basic stereo amplifier without headphone connection.
    470uF 450v capacitor is shared to both channels. All transformers and choke is from old Hammond organ amplifiers. Output transformers are originally for bass, but they seem to work excellent as full range transformers. There is small switch behind powertubes to choose from triode and "ultra linear", but i do not publish how i made it without UL-taps. Input selector is also from old hammond for 4 rca inputs.

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