My DIY headphone tube amps

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  1. mahelun

    Just wondering how much did it cost you to build it? and will you sell it in the future XD. Looking awesome haha..
  2. cowneko
    Thanks a lot Artsi for sharing this built, I'm really interested to build one myself, I just need a clearer wiew of the PSU side as it will be my first PtP build.
    I shall make a photo WIP of the build, as it may help others too.
  3. cowneko
    Well I took a little time studying the schematic and photos of Artsi's build.
    I came up with a complete schematic (amp section and Psus) but I'm still wondering about the res and cap in parallel with the two 1000uf 250v caps, I think the res is a bleeder but not sure about it's value, the poly cap seems to be a way to reduce ripple but no idea of it's value or real usefulness.
    If you see anything odd please let me know.

  4. DutchGFX
    What brand power transformers do you use? It looks like Edcor, but I had terrible noise on the one transformer I got from them, so I use Hammond nke for my builds. Should I give Edcor another shot?
  5. cowneko
    Seems like you're talking about the Tubelab SSE witch is present in my photobucket library, if that's the case, yes the OPT are Edcor (CXSE25-8-5K) the Power tranny is a Hammond 374BX (good transformer but tend to heat up quite a bit).
    The Edcor are superb, no noise whatsoever, just great overall response, big bass. I can't recommend them enough in regards of their price/performance ratio. I don't know about their Power tranny performance, but they seem great.
    For the Head amp I don't really know witch tranny to use yet, I'll have to know the overall load of the amp to choose a right one (the InMADout one seems overkill for the project, but I could be wrong)
  6. tomb
    In my experience, Edcor's bad PTs run about 1 in 30.  The other 29 in that ratio are completely silent.  So, yeah - I would give them another chance.  I haven't had direct experience with Hammonds except for their chokes, but from someone who knows - the Hammond PT's are inherently more noisy than Edcor.  IOW, a perfect Hammond is not going to be as quiet as a perfect Edcor.
  7. DutchGFX

    Im only on my third build, but I certainly am avoiding OPT's in the future since they cost an arm and a leg. However, if the edcors sound good I may give them a try. I used Electraprint OPT's before and they sound amazing, but they cost around $300 so that kind of sucked.

    I was concerned with the power tranny. I have an escort that has really bad mechanical noise. I have used 2 Hammond's, both of which were silent. I have another Hammond coming for my next build, but maybe I'll try Edcor again.

    How come noone uses Antek? I thought people preferred toroidal...
  8. cowneko
    It really depends on the application. Toroid trannies have a far higher primary to secondaries capacitance, hence more noise than EI trannies, it's true for power transformer but even more for OPT trannies. For Power transformer you can deal with the noise by adding more filtering at psu stage, but for OPT, the toroids needs special winding technics to lower their capacitance. Good trannies for audio can be found from TOROIDY ( I know antek are making audio toroid too but they are harder to obtain in Europe), they make PP and SE trannies as well as power transformers and they are really good (and not that expensive if not chosing the boxed models).
    The second reason for using EI transformers is the good old fashioned look :wink:
    I might use Toroid myself for the OTL amp.
  9. tomb

    PT means Power Transformer.  Not sure which post you were addressing, but I was not referring to OPTs.
  10. DutchGFX
    OPT - output transformers
  11. SirIsaac
    This looks beautiful, nice work.
  12. mateusfig
    Thanks for this!
    Do you have a circuit board for this project? I would like implement this using a board. If you have this, please send me the project files.
  13. i luvmusic 2
    This thread inspired me to build my own,Here is the beginning these cost me $99 canadian PESO including tax.
  14. i luvmusic 2
    Here is the finished amp.....
    IMG_0610.JPG IMG_0611.JPG IMG_0613.JPG IMG_0615.JPG IMG_0662.JPG IMG_0663.JPG IMG_0661.JPG IMG_0664.JPG IMG_0665.JPG IMG_0660.JPG IMG_0659.JPG IMG_0658.JPG
  15. HiGHFLYiN9
    Very nice. That's a heck of a switch, what does it do other than turn on the power? I like the throw-back tube sockets, just like Dynaco used to use. I also appreciate how no real estate is wasted inside the case. Anyone who's lived in a small dwelling can appreciate trying to maximize space :wink:

    Also, what do you think of the Mundorf electrolytics? They're usually 3x the price of comparable Panasonic/Nichicon, just curious if you found them to be worth the jump. I've picked up a couple for the power supply of an Aleph J I hope to build in the future, but don't have any comparisons just yet.

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