Plug the USB cable of your Fubar2 in the USB port of your PC and it will grab the audio, still in...

Firestone Audio Fubar 2 USB DAC

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  • Plug the USB cable of your Fubar2 in the USB port of your PC and it will grab the audio, still in digital format, from your system and bypass the soundcard. The Fubar2 external DAQ, will stream the audio in high-end quality to any amp or preamp from you existing audio system or to any (pre)amp in the amazing Firestone range. Now you can stream your complete music library in high quality.

    The Latest Fubar2 USB DAC has an improved power regulation and LPF circuit. The analog output is using a NS-LM4562 opamp. Users can swap the opamps for adapting to their taste. The special designed power supply section provides a minimum interference, to provide silent audiophile quality.

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  1. vicdiaz
    "Vic's Firestone Audio Fubar 2 USB DAC"
    Pros - Price
    Price performance is OK.
  2. mlhifi
    "Fubar II"
    Pros - Easy to set up, small unit, cables & PSU supplied.
    Cons - Can't really think of any.
    Worth every penny (£117.50 UK), this little box of tricks does exactly what it's meant to do and does it VERY well too.
    Sound quality is superb irrespective of price, but when the price is taken into consideration, then WOW! This is definitely the way forward for Hi-Fi in the home.  Feed it with lossless CD rips and you're away!
  3. Prog Rock Man
    "Super USB only DAC"
    Pros - Clear detailed sound, very small and cute, easy upgrades.
    Cons - None.
    Top ratings for this small, cute and very well priced DAC. My sound comparison is with a Musical Fidelity V-DAC and the Fubar2 has more detail, dynamic and greater clarity. It can be easily upgraded with a change of the opamp and the addition of a power supply unit called The Supplier at $144. 
    It is beautifully made and some of the older versions have a cute comedy dog logo on the front of them. Otherwise they have been available in black, silver and red.
    Operation is very simple. Just connect the supplied USB cable to your PC and the DAC downloads its own proprietary driver and it is ready to go. 
    There is only a USB connection, but do not be put off by stories that USB is somehow inferior to other digital connections. This, and other USB DACs are designed to work within the parameters of USB. (It does not take its power from the USB connection). 
    Please note, Firestone Audio is often referred to as Audiophile Products, however that is the name of a seller in the US. Firestone Audio is the manufacturer based in Taiwan.

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