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Pioneer SE-305

  • Vintage 1970s headphones.

Recent Reviews

  1. Prog Rock Man
    Vintage headphone shows the way
    Written by Prog Rock Man
    Published Jul 24, 2010
    Pros - Superb sound, comfort, tank like build, easily and cheaply available.
    Cons - Heavy, 8 ohms can be a problem for some amps.
    The Pioneer SE-305 can be had for as little as £10 off ebay. There is a regular stream of them for sale. With their super build they last well. They are closed backed, leak only a little sound and isolate well from outside noise. The cable is a coil type and prone to the usual kinks. Although, according to the specs the coil goes to 15 feet, the tension makes that impracticle.
    Sound wise they are the most bassy vintage 1970s headphones I have heard. They are ideal for rockers. Detail through the frequency range is good, but the treble can be a bit recessed. With mid frequency emphasised music, they shine and cope well with all genres.
    Their weight at 435g (16oz) is higher than usual, but the wide padded headband makes them comfortable.
    1. cmarti
      Why do you think that the 8 ohms could be a problem for some amps?
      cmarti, Jul 27, 2014
    2. DJ The Rocket
      @cmarti high output impedance could cause hiss / high noise floor
      DJ The Rocket, Nov 16, 2016


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