There are several reasons why you might need to open up your Grados. Maybe someone pulled on the cable too hard and something came loose inside, and now it needs to be re-soldered. Maybe you want to totally replace the cable with a longer/shorter/more-spendy cable. Or maybe you are interested in modifying your headphones to unleash even more Grado sonic goodness. This is the first step.
Further additions to this article are welcome.
(The content below was originally a post by Bilavideo in his original SR60-Mod thread. I added some titles to break it into sections.)


The SR60i is one of the easier Grados to open up.  Its cups are held together by rubbery glue that's heat-sensitive.  Softening the glue is simply a matter of steaming the cups till the glue loosens up.  I've ruined a few shells by putting them in boiling water (bad idea).  You don't need a full boil, just steam.  A few minutes of a shallow steam bath will do the trick - at least with the SR60i.


I filled a teapot with water, got it hot and steamy and then poured a shallow layer of water into a cake pan.  That's the objective.  Of course, to place my cups in steamy water, I had to first prepare them.


*Another way to heat the water is to use a coffee maker. It might seem silly, but it heats the water to a perfect temperature and you don't have to mess with the stove*


Also, some members use a hair dryer or a heat gun and a spoon. Some people have melted their cups using this method. I have never seen anyone report any problem using the steam method. 




The minimalist design of the SR60 makes it easy to take apart.  The forks that connect the cups to the headband just clip on - and what clips on can as easily clip off.






Okay class, quick question: Which side would you want your cups facing when they hit the water?  Top side up or Poseidon Adventure?



If you said, "Top side up," you should register to vote.  But I digress.  



The Grand Opening


Give it just enough time to do its thing and you'll be able to pry your Grados apart WITH YOUR BARE HANDS.  (Chuck Norris can do it without the steam.)  It's a little drippy but it wipes right off, revealing undamped plastic chambers, the magnet plate, those holes we want to pop and some wiring we're going to mess with before this story is over.